A LOT has gone wrong at Disney World today

It’s been a HARD day at Disney World, to say the least.

Rainy Day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Yes, we know things happen sometimes: Florida weather can be unpredictable, rides can stop working, and things get canceled from time to time, but all at once?! Let’s take a look at all the closures, cancellations, and hardships affecting visitors visiting the parks today.

It all started this morning when we arrived at the Magic Kingdom and saw that Space Mountain temporarily closed due to technical problems.

space mountain

While no guests were able to ride the attraction for a few hours, a BIG bummer, We take a look at what the attraction looks like with the lights on! The positive side, we suppose?

The lights are on at Space Mountain!

But, the problems did not end there. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, THREE shows were canceled this morning! It started with the 11 am performance of Beauty and the Beast live on stage being canceled (with one Cast Member sharing that more shows could be affected). So he Pixar’s Parade of Friends has been postponed (Via made ends up happening, just a bit delayed!).

Beauty and the Beast live on stage temporarily closed

AND THEN the Spectacular epic Indiana Jones stunt suffered some technical problems that caused it to stop mid show due to a technical problem with the temple scene. A Cast Member explained that the walls in the first scene of the show were not moving and because of this, only the first scene was made in the following functions. Cast members shared that they were “working on the problem” and encouraging guests to come back later to watch the full show.

On top of all that, Disney World spent part of the afternoon under a heat advisory issued by the National Weather Service, which estimated the heat index could be 108 degrees or higher. That’s hot!

It’s HOT out there!

And it was like the Florida weather said “wait for my beer”, just when we didn’t, the weather could get worse, Thunderstorm warnings began rolling in and lightning was spotted nearby..

This then threw a bit of clinker into the plans of many guests (ours included) as many outdoor attractions had to close with lightning strikes in the area, including Big Thunder Mountain, Skyliner and Boats. Additionally, Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire performances at the Magic Kingdom were also canceled due to weather.

Sometimes you will see this sign next to the Skyliner

So let’s say Disney World is having… a day. But what if you end up at Disney World on a day like this? Well, these are good times to change your expectations and do some things you wouldn’t normally do. Visit attractions that are open during storms, including some you may never have experienced or use often. You can also shop or grab a snack or meal while you wait for closing.

You never know, you just might discover your new favorite thing to do at Disney World!

Time to go shopping?

We always recommend monitoring the My Disney Experience app as well as to keep track of delays and closures. If you can get on the rides right when they first reopen, you may end up beating the crowds and walking right into some of Disney World’s most popular rides!

And when it comes to the weather, be sure to head to the parks prepared for anything that might happen in the Florida summer. We have a full list of our must-have items here.!

And, as always, we’ll continue to keep you updated on the situation at Disney World, so keep an eye on AllEars for more!

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Have you ever been to Disney World when the resort was having a bad day? How did you handle it? Tell us in the comments!

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