A unique crypto token based on passive income

Düsseldorf, June 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — These days, APY projects that give 2,000,000% APY often mislead their investors. APY is not effective as long as the % of total supply does not increase. It just brings a psychological feeling of getting more tokens and since the price goes down with each rebase, people are buying the illusory drop. The Pension Project offers a unique APY through its different plans.

What is the pension token?

Project development began in February 2022, when automotive composites projects were at their peak. Those projects garnered massive volume and exposure and seemed to be the next big thing in the crypto space.

However, the team identified a significant vulnerability in those projects: they were not sustainable in the long term.

The reason is simple, while the number of tokens each gets grows exponentially, the liquidity increases (on a green day) linearly and in the long run causes the whales’ wallets to run out of liquidity.

Fast forward to June 2022 and there are projects that “fix” the problem by not allowing more than 1% daily selling. Although it solves the problem of sustainability, it causes two new problems. One can hardly take your winnings. Users need to sell their 1% allotment daily to get a very small amount of BNB.

The second problem is even more significant. With that mechanism, it is a challenge to attract new investors. Add to those facts that one pays purchase tax and sales tax, and it’s a reasonable explanation why those types of projects are also failing in the long run.

The Pension project is unique and offers the following mechanism:

Investors will have three options:

  1. get compound
  2. Get rewards
  3. leave the project

A detailed explanation of the pension project will be shared prior to the private sale.

The project developers genuinely believe that the Pension Project has outstanding potential to bring financial freedom to its investors.

Below is the roadmap of the Pension Project

  • Perform a CertiK audit BEFORE private sale.
  • Get contract developer n. #1 in the crypto space on our team: Sir Tris.
  • Build a world-class dApp before launch.
  • Make alliances with the biggest IDOs.
  • Start marketing AFTER the audit is completely done.
  • Hire the best graphic designers.
  • Have the option to invest in the project with a credit card.
  • We will be honest with our investors and not promise unrealistic returns on investment.
  • Be open to suggestions from our community to improve the project.
  • The most important thing is to communicate regularly with our community and not label every question as “FUD”.

The latest places for the seed sale of the Pensions project to finance the CertiK audit are available on its website. To get a place on the whitelist, users must enter the Telegram group and follow the instructions.

To find out more about Pension Project, visit their website at:



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