‘Adoption is a loving choice’

Published: September 23, 2022

LIFEMARK’s David Scotton shares the heart behind the film: ‘Adoption is a loving choice’

By Movieguide® Staff

LIFEMARK recently surpassed $4 million in revenue after its opening weekend numbers put the pro-life, faith-filled film in the Top 10 at the domestic box office.

The Kendrick brothers said they are both pleased and surprised by the film’s widespread success, even among secular critics.

In the film, the Movieguide® Award-winning directors tell the true story of David Scotton, who is adopted by the Coltons after his mother gave him up for adoption.

A portion of the Movieguide® review says:

LIFEMARK is a well-made, moving and inspiring film produced by brothers Kendrick and Kirk Cameron, who also stars. The film is solid throughout, with a positive Christian worldview. The film promotes trusting God, believing in God’s plan, forgiving, and loving others. There is also a beautiful pro-life message about adoption, giving life, and the value of life. Don’t let the PG-13 rating stop you from watching this movie. The film’s themes of abortion and pro-life issues are why Hollywood elites give LIFEMARK such a harsh rating.

In a recent interview with Kirk Cameron, who stars in LIFEMARK as Jimmy Colton, real-life David Scotton reflected on his story.

“I’m here today because of the adoption,” David said on a recent episode of Kirk Cameron’s show TAKEAWAYS. “Adoption is a loving choice. Birth mothers who choose adoption are heroes, they really are. They choose life in circumstances that were difficult. And because of that decision, I saved a life and raised a family, just like Melissa saved my life and allowed us to have a family.

“That’s what I hope they get from LIFEMARK. That birth mothers are heroes and that adoption saves lives,” she added.

Movieguide® previously spoke with David about God’s faithfulness in his story:

Kirk Cameron said that while LIFEMARK is not a pro-life film in the political sense, it shows what happens when a mother chooses life despite her circumstances.

“Very often this pro-life, pro-choice issue focuses on one thing, and that is women’s rights. A woman’s rights are important, but that’s not all that’s important,” she explained. “Addressing that whole situation must also include the life of this innocent human baby in her womb. And there is also a biological father involved. And there are thousands and thousands of couples who longed to have children and start a family but can’t. So Lifemark is a story full of heart, humor and action. People will see this and leave with full hearts. And they’re going to have a greater love of life and a new perspective on the beauty of adoption.”

Also at the red carpet event was Scotton, on whom the story is based.

“It’s surreal to go from a kid who never wanted to share that he was adopted to now having the documentary and the movie. I mean, I’m glad to be here and glad to have life,” the adoption attorney said. “We have seen people visibly impacted by our story. Since the documentary I LIVED ON PARKER AVENUE was released in 2018, it has impacted adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents in ways we never could have imagined.”

“One of my favorite stories, I was speaking at a high school in California, it’s a big gym, and I was doing a question and answer session, and I saw this girl in the corner, who tried to raise her hand and then put her hand down. . down, up, and down,” she recalled. “I knew she wanted to share something. She finally got up and shared for the first time in front of her entire school that she was adopted. And until then she felt that she couldn’t share that. So this story is impacting others in ways we never would have imagined. So LIFEMARK, now out and in theaters across the country. We are so excited.”

Scotton said the hand of God is clearly on his life and even on the timing of LIFEMARK’s Fathom event launch.

“My faith has grown so much in the last few years as I am able to trust that God is using this story in a way that I still can’t fathom. And I mean, you’ve seen God work with this story since 1993, when my birth mother came out of an abortion clinic, and you’ve even seen him now, you know, helping us get together,” he said. “So to see him work on this story to impact others, I’m glad to be a part of it.”

“This is God’s providential timing, this movie was supposed to happen a few years ago. And then, like all things, COVID caused a delay. And the fact that it’s happening right now just goes to show the fact that God is at work in store, this movie will save lives and build families through adoption,” he said.

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