Axie Infinity developer will provide compensation to victims

  • Hackers managed to exploit a validator node vulnerability
  • This hack allowed them to take 173,600 ETH and around $25.5 million in USDC from the Ronin Bridge.
  • The total loss amounted to $625 million

The cryptocurrency business in general is still considered to be in its early stages, although more established projects are beginning to take on what appears to be a more stable structure.

In any case, when it comes to newer areas like DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and Web3 projects, a ton is still exceptionally liquid and untested.

Many of the DeFi conventions that have deals with decentralized lending have been trying to keep up with liquidity amid the negative market, with crypto costs falling for nearly eight full months. Meanwhile, a bunch of decentralized tranches have been enduring stresses that led to major thefts.

Ronin bridge is going to be reset

As recently as March, programmers discovered how to exploit a weakness in the validation center, allowing them to siphon 173,600 ETH and around $25.5 million in USDC from the Ronin Bridge.

Now, Sky Mavis, the designer of a major metaverse game, Axie Infinity, has declared the decision to pay users affected by the hack.

At the time of the hack, the total disgrace was estimated at $625 million. In any case, due to the drop in the price of Ethereum, around $216.5 million will be returned to the victims of the hack.

Sky Mavis recently discovered how to generate $150 million in April, in a round powered by Binance. The organization said that the assets will be used to pay affected customers. Currently, the ideal opportunity has come for customers to recover the seized assets, and Sky Mavis intends to transfer the assets on June 28.

Additionally, Sky Mavis also stated that the extension will be restarting around the same time, which is a move that will require a hard fork. All validators must update their product to another version to get back to work.

Aleksander Larsen, the main supporter and chief operating officer of Sky Mavis, said that the expansion will be supplemented by the ETH and USDC claimed by the client and that everything is currently proceeding as expected. The validators are ready to go back to business and everything continues as expected.

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The hack was connected to North Korea’s Lazarus group.

Another really important thing is that in the meantime the personality of the hacking group responsible for the attack has been discovered. According to the FBI, the trusted group is the scandalous Lazarus, a North Korean hacker group that has been involved in various attacks and infiltrations over time.

North Korean programmers have been focused on crypto projects for quite some time, garnering huge amounts of computing resources.

Furthermore, the royal country has been fostering an increasingly strong interest in digital money, to the point that it even welcomed crypto specialists from all over the world to hold talks and speeches regarding digital money before. It is generally accepted that North Korea intends to use computing resources to circumvent sanctions, as other long-backed countries have been doing.

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