‘Bardo’ trailer: Alejandro G. Iñárritu cuts 22 minutes of the film

Alejandro González Iñárritu has released the first trailer for his Netflix Oscar nominee, “Bardo,” and the full movie is now 22 minutes shorter.

The eighth film by the Mexican filmmaker and two-time winner of the best director award, “Bardo (or the false chronicle of a handful of truths)”, premiered at this year’s Venice Film Festival. After screenings in Venice and Telluride, Iñárritu went back to the editing room and cut 22 minutes from the film, bringing its running time to two hours and 32 minutes, with no credits.

“The first time I saw my film was with 2,000 people in Venice,” Iñárritu told IndieWire. “That was a good opportunity to watch it and learn about things that could benefit from being a little tied up, adding a scene that never made it in time, and changing the order of a thing or two. Little by little I was squeezing it and I am very excited”.

Reviews of the film have been mixed, with variety Chief film critic Owen Gleiberman writes, “The film is full of good stuff, but it’s three hours long and, for the most part, full of itself.”

After “Bardo”’s run in Venice and Telluride, Iñárritu said he hasn’t read a review of his film. “I want to reaffirm that I haven’t read a single review about my healthy state of mind,” he told IndieWire. “No one knows better than me all the dots that connect and how they can best be connected.”

Presented as a comedy, “Bardo” stars Daniel Giménez Cacho as an acclaimed Mexican journalist and documentary filmmaker who returns home in the midst of an existential crisis that leaves him questioning his identity, his family relationships and his past. Griselda Siciliani co-stars with Cacho in the film.

“Bardo” is the first film Iñárritu has directed since “Birdman” and “The Revenant” made him one of three directors to win back-to-back Best Director Oscars. Although the filmmaker initially had plans to work on a television series for Starz called “The One Percent,” that project was postponed after he felt burned out by the demanding production of “The Revenant.”

Iñárritu filmed and produced “Bardo” entirely in Mexico, making it the director’s first project in his native country since his feature debut, “Amores Perros,” in 2000. The director co-wrote the script with his “Birdman” and collaborator. “Biutiful” Nicolas Giacobone. “Bardo” was also shot by Oscar-nominated cinematographer Darius Khondji.

“Bardo” was one of four Netflix films to premiere in Venice. Also making the cut were Andrew Dominik’s highly anticipated Marilyn Monroe drama “Blonde,” Don DeLillo’s adaptation of Noah Baumbach’s “White Noise” and Romain Gavras’s modern tragedy “Athena.” With Iñárritu’s strong history at the Oscars, the film is likely to be one of the biggest Oscar contenders of the year.

The film opens in theaters on November 18 and on Netflix on December 16. Check out the trailer below.

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