Battlegrounds server maintenance schedule and status today (June 15)

With the launch of a new PUBG: Battlegrounds The update comes with an extended server maintenance period for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. But, once complete, the 18.1 update will be available with new content.

If you’re on a PC, don’t expect any downtime this week, as the 18.1 update was previously rolled out to the platform last week. But, console users will find the game servers offline for a full 7 hours later today. Check out the full server maintenance schedule below to find out when you can start your server again.

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PUBG: Battlegrounds server downtime on June 15

As confirmed by official PUBG: Battlegrounds Support Twitter accountserver maintenance for update 18.1 release will start on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 a 9:00 p.m. (Pacific Time). For other parts of the world, this will be Thursday, June 16, 2022 a 12am ET / 5am BST / 6am CEST / 1pm KST.

The servers are expected to be offline for a total of 7 hours; during this time players will not be able to log in and play PUBG on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Downtime is only for the console version of PUBG: BattlegroundsPC gamers should not experience any connectivity issues during this time.

Once the servers are back online, players will be prompted to download a new patch, which will include all of the new content found in the 18.1 update.

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PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 18.1 Details

Although the game servers will be offline for an extended period, the wait will be worth it.

Update 18.1 includes a ton of server fixes, item balancing, the start of a new ranked season, and much more. But, most importantly, some major map changes. As reported in the official patch notes, the following changes are being made in the 18.1 update:


  • Steep cliffs and scenery have been added to certain mountains near Capaco to prevent players from climbing to the top.
  • Additional rocks and cover have been added to specific areas like the lab and Atahul.
  • Added vehicle spots near Makalpa.
  • Additional rock pillars and covers have been added to historic sites near Makalpa.
  • Added a new spiral-shaped pit item and scattered around Wasteland.
  • The B.Duck update has been removed from Sanhok.

Check out the full patch notes here to see all the new changes included in the next update.

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