Bill Gates’ Anti-Crypto Comments Could Make Crypto Even More Popular

In a recent interview on TechCrunch 2022, Bill Gates once again expressed his opposition to cryptocurrencies and NFTs, stating that average investors should not follow the example of celebrities who invest in cryptocurrencies. A recent article in interesting engineering state,

Gates said these digital assets were “100% based on the older fool theory,” in which investors make money on worthless or overvalued assets as long as people are willing to bid more for them.

Gates also criticized non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that were all the rage last year. A long list of celebrities from the world of sports, entertainment and beyond paid top dollar to acquire a digital image from a Bored Ape collection. Gates’ comments were full of sarcasm as he said: “Expensive digital images of monkeys [will] improve the world immensely.

However, many of the people who have adopted cryptocurrencies and NFTs will not listen to Bill Gates, as he is already their “perfect villain”, the main enemy of all good and free things. Michelle Shen, writing for USA Todaycites research by Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the Annenburg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Jamieson states, “In a world where nothing happens by chance, the wealthy are supposed to have the power to participate in and cover up evil activities. As a result, Bill Gates is an inevitable subject of conspiracy theories.” Shen continues:

The baseless and false conspiracies keep coming.

Like the witches associated with Satan, Gates has shadowy allies in the form of Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, and the Chinese government, according to inaccurate posts by conspiracy theorists on Reddit and 4chan.

Jamieson also found in his investigation the lie that Fauci was on Microsoft’s board of directors, making Gates his boss, spreading a false narrative that Gates’ goal is to destroy the United States, similar to how witches were viewed. as a threat to Christianity.

Another false theory surrounding Gates is that the pandemic was his plan to depopulate the world and that vaccines are a way to sterilize the population, a radical departure from Gates’ efforts to raise awareness of overpopulation and climate change.

Rather than deter many of the right-wing cryptocurrency curious, Bill Gates’ anti-cryptocurrency statements could throw fuel on the conspiracy theory fire and cause some of them to plus likely to turn to cryptocurrencies. The QAnon crowd is increasingly selling crypto, as is the “conspirituality” (conspiracy + spirituality) crowd, which includes comedian turned right-wing “freedom patriot” JP Sears, and actor turned spiritual guru Russell Brand, among many others. the Conspirituality Podcast released a great episode last year showing how the conspirituality crowd is exploiting the cryptocurrency craze. I’m sure this latest statement by Gates will be one more “proof” to “prove” that they should, in fact, do the same thing. opposite of what Gates says and actually invest in crypto.

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