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(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Home to one of the largest scout camps in the United States, Camp Geiger is in full swing this summer, teaching campers lifelong skills right here in St. Joseph.

Nearly 1,500 explorers travel across the country to Camp Geiger.

Camp staff introducing a new section in the camp geared towards today’s needs, business skills and manufacturing.

“One of our most recent additions is the specialty trades area,” said Alan Franks, executive director of the Pony Express Council. “We hear too often that manufacturing and industry are really hurting young people with basic skills, whether it’s welding, plumbing, electrical, and we have a new area of ​​skilled trades that teaches and introduces all young people to those potential career fields. .”

Campers can learn trade skills such as auto repair, farm machinery, radio, electrical, plumbing, welding, metal working, and more. Franks says that adding the new skill trading area creates dynamic experiences for explorers that they might not get at other camps.

“So the skilled trades area or we call it the Robidoux Outpost that opened last year for the first time. And then this year it’s really themed. So it really gives us a really active, real-life vibe,” he said. Franks. .

“This is probably my favorite class because I get to do things that you can take home that you did,” said Hunter Kirkwood, who is a Troop 249 scout in Topeka, Ks. that he is taking a metallurgy class at camp. “It’s kind of fun, like learning a new experience. I don’t think I’ll ever do this. I don’t think if I didn’t do this, I probably would never learn it.”

“It’s a good experience for younger explorers to be able to have this kind of experience and see if they want to pursue a career or profession through this,” said Camp Geiger staffer Luke Lewis. “It’s a wonderful show. There are wonderful lessons to be learned through it and I just want to be able to share that with others.”

Welcome to Camp Geiger sign

Franks prides himself on having the extra layer of skills that nearly 1,500 explorers can learn each summer at Camp Geiger.

“The amenities…we are very proud of the fact that we are able to continue all the care and maintenance to keep Camp Geiger looking great and very functional for all explorers, whether it’s summer or year round,” Franks said.

Camp Geiger plans to add a classroom building next summer.

For more information on Camp Geiger, click here.

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