Carl Paladino: Hitler is “the kind of leader we need today. We need someone inspiring.”

Republican congressional candidate Carl Paladino appeared on a radio show last year and said New York needs someone like Adolf Hitler to run it. In the newly unearthed comments, Paladino said he recently heard someone talk about how Hitler had “woken up the crowds,” commenting that “that’s the kind of leader we need today. We need someone inspiring. We need someone who is a doer, who has been there and done it.”

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), the third-place Republican in the House, has backed up Paladino’s campaign, calling him a “friend” and a “conservative outsider who will be a tireless fighter.”

Paladino is a Republican businessman and politician who has appeared as a commentator on media outlets including Fox News and Fox Business. He also briefly hosted a Paladino podcast announced his congressional campaign for New York’s 23rd Congressional District last week after Republican Rep. Chris Jacobs dropped his bid for re-election.

Paladino has a long history of making toxic and bigoted comments. Media Matters reported earlier this week that it shared a post on Facebook portraying the recent mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas, as false flag attacks intended to help Democrats “repeal the 2nd Amendment and strip the weapons”. The post also claimed that “the Texas shooter was undergoing hypnosis training,” apparently at the direction of the CIA.

He initially responded to the media attention to his post by lying that he didn’t share it personally and that he “doesn’t even know how to post on Facebook.” Paladino later admitted that he published it. The media also reported that Paladino send the post to your email list.

His comment has also included that his state needs someone like Adolf Hitler to lead it.

Paladino appeared on the February 13, 2021 edition of The r-House radio show, a weekly radio show that airs on WBEN in Buffalo, New York. The show is hosted by real estate executive Peter Hunt.

During the show, Hunt asked Paladino how to “wake up the population” and get people thinking about change.

Paladino responded: “I was thinking the other day that someone had mentioned Adolf Hitler on the radio and how he woke up the crowds. And he would get up screaming these epithets and these people were just mesmerized by him. That’s, I guess, I guess that’s the kind of leader that we need today. We need someone inspiring. We need someone who is a doer, who has been there and done it.”

Here is that exchange:

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