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ChangeNOW is a non-custodial instant crypto asset exchange platform. It allows users to trade crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto pairs conveniently, instantly, without registration and without any limitations. Based in Seychelles, the exchange was founded in 2017 by pseudonymous founders who value privacy, thus choosing to operate from scratch in the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto.

However, the firm still maintains a very public brand, as all other members of the platform are active on social media.

Acting only as a temporary intermediary, ChangeNOW has a highly secure and completely reliable platform. On the exchange, no customer data is stored, nor does it ask to register or create an account.

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On the other hand, users can get a fiat-to-crypto gateway option where they can purchase digital assets directly through some third-party services that accept Visa and Mastercard.

ChangeNOW is a platform for everyone

ChangeNOW is a unique platform in its niche. The easy to use user interface is for everyone, a seasoned veteran or a diligent newbie. There are a number of exclusive features for each user. Some features are listed below:

ChangeNOW partners with cryptocurrency traders and investors to buy, sell and trade digital assets without registering on their platform. No user has to log in, sign up, or fill out any Know Your Customer (KYC) forms until the team finds something dubious. Simply fill in the exchange details, make a deposit through your payment partner, and receive your cryptocurrency.

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Unlike other platforms with some restrictions or limits on trading or investing in digital assets, ChangeNOW believes that the limits are weak, which is yes. Therefore, any user can exchange or buy cryptocurrencies as much as they want, starting from $2 for some assets.

  • A variety of assets and pairs

Currently, on ChangeNOW, users can find more than 400 digital assets to purchase and more than 70,000 pairs to trade easily. All the popular cryptocurrencies are already listed, and more than 100 other top altcoins can be found. Such a large list helps avoid multiple exchanges, a common problem with custody platforms.

The average transaction processing time on ChangeNOW is five minutes. The process is extremely easy and uncomplicated.

  • Alleviate security risks

The exchange claims to be a non-custodial platform. Therefore, any user looking to use the platform must have their own wallets to transact and store crypto; this is the best security practice for digital assets. Plus, you don’t have to waste time or energy looking for a wallet if you don’t have one for some reason, as ChangeNOW developed its own feature-packed NOW wallet.

The cryptocurrency exchange can be accessed from any platform. Whether it’s a browser or Android or iOS. The mobile versions of the exchange are more plausible than the web version, so we can easily run instant crypto trades.

  • Possibility of buying with bank card

ChangeNOW allows you to buy any cryptocurrency with more than 60 government-issued fiat currencies using your bank cards. To integrate such great features, the exchange partnered with Simplex and Guardianian.

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ChangeNOW charges a minimal fee compared to its competitors. The transaction fees are divided into two categories and start from 0.5%. The Classic Exchange Rate provides the best rate available in the market and is subject to fluctuations due to changing market conditions. However, fixed exchange rates are not affected by market fluctuations. Opting for a fixed rate gives exactly what the user is paying for, but would need something extra to get a guaranteed rate.

The safest and most reliable cryptocurrency exchange

Security is a top priority for ChangeNOW and it is more secure than most centralized platforms. In particular, centralized exchange wallets are a boon to illicit actors, but ChangeNOW doesn’t keep any of our funds, which makes things more secure.

The platform has received numerous positive reviews on the internet and got an impressive rating. However, once a user allegedly claimed that the platform scammed out of 100 BCH in 2018. However, it appears that the user submitted a fake ID to comply with the regulation and prompted a document forgery investigation.

It should be noted that, despite being a private crypto-asset exchange, the platform complies with regulations by employing an automated risk prevention system. The security system analyzes all transactions and flags all suspicious activities. Customers are asked to confirm their identity and submit KYC documents in such a scenario.

ChangeNOW offers huge services for private and instant crypto exchanges. With stellar services, great rates, and easy-to-use platforms, it has attracted many to purchase and trade digital assets. With all of the aforementioned elements, ChangeNOW is one of the top contenders in the cryptocurrency exchange list and offers a completely different level of experience.

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