CIC Labs LTD simplifies the DeFi industry with the introduction of Crazy Internet Coin Chain

UK – CIC Labs LTD simplifies the DeFi industry with the introduction of the Crazy Internet Coin Chain. CIC Labs Ltd meticulously planned every element of its blockchain to develop the smartest smart contract platform on the planet.

The name Crazy Internet Coin was the brainchild of the CEO jared robinson, who said ‘Make no mistake, a lot of thought went into naming this blockchain. We wanted our technology to appeal to absolutely all types of investors: Crazy Internet Coin is a nod to the coin investor meme, but CIC Chain has the technology to disrupt any and all industries that use any form of ledger.

A new financial system called decentralized finance (Defi) is based on securely distributed digital ledgers that collectively form what we now know as a blockchain. This system removes the control that banks and other financial institutions have over money, financial derivatives, and financial services and gives that control back to the people.

Decentralized finance, or Defi, cuts out the middlemen of financial transactions by using cryptographic algorithms and hash codes to store data in an immutable digital ledger, meaning it can never be tampered with or destroyed. All transactions are stored by the blockchain, in an ever-expanding database that is validated through various consensus mechanisms, without the need for any central authority.

The introduction of CIC Chain brings a new approach to Defi, to make decentralized finance more accessible to ordinary people, thereby accelerating the mass adoption process. Currently, the cryptocurrency space is mostly filled with intimidating technical jargon, but the CIC Labs team plans to change that by building a massive Learn 2 Earn platform that makes blockchain education simple. Users will earn free crypto for completing their short educational courses and also for referring their friends and family.

CIC complies with ISO20022, which is a new universal messaging standard between financial institutions. This broadens the scope of potential future utility as it will allow developers or industries to build enterprise-grade applications on their blockchain that can communicate directly with financial institutions.

In a statement from Jared Robinson, he says: “We want everyone to understand that this blockchain is genuinely made for everyone, and our entire spirit is focused on ensuring that Defi is used more often, sustainably, and securely.”

Continuing Mr. Robinson’s words, he said, “our chain will be completely decentralized because about 64% of the supply will be held in a DAO. As a result, we can only release these coins into circulation if a consensus is reached. It is similar to being able to mint new coins, but only if DAO members approve and vote on it. You can also vote to burn coins, or what utilities we should prioritize’.

The founder of Crazy Internet Coin made a worthy mention of the maximum coin supply and the number of coins to be kept under lock and key. He said, “the community at large can decide that we can or need more coins. We have a maximum supply of 222 million coins, but since about 64 percent of them are under lock and key, it is very possible that we will never have more than 74 million coins.”

“Due to the obvious features of ‘Imprism’, our unique Byzantine fault tolerant consensus mechanism, CIC Chain has the ability to scale to a very large public platform. Its efficiency exceeds that of other chains by up to 90%,” states the official website.

About CIC Labs LTD

The brand is most often called CIC Chain, which is pronounced like ‘kick’.

The UK company is called CIC Labs LTD and the logo is the impossible infinity symbol. Crazy Internet Coin is the name of the currency: it is easy to remember and impossible to forget.

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