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Eventbrite, Inc. (NYSE: EB), a global self-service ticketing, marketing and technology experience platform, today introduced The Social Connection Project, a multi-year initiative aimed at increasing social connection and decreasing isolation. social by transforming the way we connect at live events. This new program, in collaboration with actress Marsai Martin ( blackish, small ), will include a curated collection of free Eventbrite events from the creators of Eventbrite that showcase the power of live experiences to drive meaningful connection.

The most isolated generation deserves a meaningful connection

Social isolation and loneliness, especially among young people, is one of the most significant mental health crises today. Even before the pandemic, 79 percent of Gen Z reported feeling lonely, more than any other generation.* Preliminary data suggests the number has continued to grow over the past two years.** Lack of social connection can drive to a long duration. mental and physical health impacts and may carry a similar health risk as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.***

“Social connection is essential to our health and well-being. When we struggle with loneliness, we are at increased risk for physical and mental health problems. Even before the pandemic, there were alarming rates of loneliness in the United States, especially among the young. Last December, I issued a Surgeon General’s Notice on the youth mental health crisis in our country, calling our nation to action to help our children and rebuild social and community connection,” said Surgeon General USA Dr. Vivek Murthy. “We all have a role to play in building the foundation for a healthier nation, and I’m grateful that Eventbrite is doing its part to address this issue by launching The Social Connection Project.”

Tackling the issue of social isolation head-on, Eventbrite is collaborating with actress, executive producer, and entrepreneur Marsai Martin to help young people take immediate action with the debut of “The Social Connection Project: Marsai Martin’s Picks for a Social Summer.” . a curated collection of free Eventbrite experiences designed to encourage connection.

Starting today, anyone who goes to Eventbrite.com/Marsai can get free tickets to Marsai Martin’s favorite Eventbrite events to make new connections using the code CONNECTION2022.

“My generation is on its way to being the loneliest in history. I want the events in my special Eventbrite collection to encourage people to get out there, try something new, and make new connections,” said Marsai Martin.

Eventbrite creators encourage social connection, encourage happiness, community and belonging

Eventbrite and its creators are uniquely positioned to lead on the issue of social isolation. In 2021 alone, Eventbrite powered more than 660,000 creators in nearly 180 countries to host 5.4 million events and issued more than 290 million tickets to attendees seeking connection.

“Eventbrite’s mission to bring the world together through live experiences is rooted in the belief that people have an innate and irreplaceable need to come together. Every day, the events our creators host around the world are building community, and we’re amplifying its power with The Social Connection Project to create a world with more meaningful social connection,” said Eventbrite Co-Founder and CEO, Julia Hartz.

New research and partnerships enable Eventbrite creators to transform the way we connect in live experiences

To launch The Social Connection Project, Eventbrite is convening leading academic, nonprofit, public policy, and government partners dedicated to studying, improving, and championing social connection among young people. These partners will help Eventbrite understand the role live events play in alleviating isolation, design practical interventions for event creators, and elevate social isolation as a public health priority.

  • Drs. Julianne Holt-Lunstad and Richard Slatcher, Renowned researchers on the topic of social isolation have partnered with Eventbrite to conduct first-of-its-kind independent research on whether events can help reduce social isolation and promote social connection, to inform Eventbrite’s strategies and solutions.
  • Eventbrite will partner with Born This Way Foundation this summer and fall to connect youth with mental health resources, community organizations and Eventbrite creators in select communities, in conjunction with Lady Gaga’s The Chromatica Ball tour.
  • Eventbrite is a member of The Coalition to End Social Isolation and Loneliness’ steering committee, which is working to end social isolation through research, policy interventions, and public awareness.
  • Eventbrite is working with Active Minds, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving mental health among young adults. Active Minds will host events on college campuses this fall dedicated to reducing the stigma of isolation and building social connections.

Learn more about the Social Connection Project at www.eventbrite.com/l/socialconnection.

About Eventbrite:

Eventbrite is a global self-service ticketing, marketing and technology platform serving a community of hundreds of thousands of event creators in nearly 180 countries. Since its inception, Eventbrite has been at the center of the experience economy, transforming the way people host and attend events. The company was founded by Julia Hartz, Kevin Hartz, and Renaud Visage, with a vision to build a self-service platform that would make it possible for anyone to create and sell tickets to experiences. The Eventbrite platform provides an intuitive, secure and reliable service that enables creators to plan and execute their events live and online, whether it’s an annual food festival attracting thousands of foodies, a professional webinar, a workshop weekly yoga classes or a dance class for young people. With more than 290 million tickets distributed for more than 5 million total events in 2021, Eventbrite is the place where people around the world discover new things to do or new ways to do more of what they love. Learn more at www.eventbrite.com.

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