FIRST ALERT: It’s hot and humid today, but the humidity starts to slowly drop over the weekend

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) – Today is likely to be the hottest and most humid day in the next few days due to high temperatures, but more importantly, the humidity will start to drop a bit over the weekend. In fact, the weekend is characterized by lows in the mid-90s and low humidity. However, the heat and humidity will return next week. Keep an eye out for a 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and evening.


First Alert Headlines

  • It will be hot and humid today with highs in the 90s above near 100 but feeling like 105-110
  • The record is 101F since 2010. We will get closer to the record
  • Expect a few showers and thunderstorms each afternoon (Wednesday through Friday)
  • Weekend features lower humidity and sunshine with highs in the 90s and dry skies
  • In the tropics, we’re tracking a low pressure area that has a 40% chance of development near Central America.

Summary of the first alert:


FIRST ALERT today as we expect another day with high temperatures near 100. Heat index values ​​will be around 105-110. The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for this afternoon due to extreme heat and humidity. Watch for a 30 percent chance of showers, showers, and thunderstorms in the late afternoon and early evening.

It will still be wet Thursday but not as bad as today and the highs won’t be as hot around 97. It will still feel like 100-105 albeit with the humidity. There is also a 20% chance of showers, showers and thunderstorms on Thursday afternoon.


Friday is a bit warmer with highs up to 99 and a 20% chance of some afternoon thunderstorms can’t be ruled out either. The humidity won’t be as bad on Friday, but you’ll still feel it, as it will feel like 100-103.

Dryer air enters Saturday behind a cold front. Highs reach the mid 90s. Skies are mostly sunny and you will feel much more comfortable for Father’s Day weekend and Sunday’s highs are in the low 90s with lower humidity.

In the tropics we have a 40% chance of development in the next 5 days for a low pressure system off the coast of Central America.


forecast update

FIRST ALERT Wednesday: Hot and humid with highs in the 90s above near 100 but feeling like 105-110. Showers and storms in the late afternoon and evening (30%)

Tonight: Showers and storms at night (30%), but drier at night with 70 and some clouds

Thursday: Upper 90s with humidity. I feel like 100-105. 20% chance of rain and storms

Friday: Highs in the upper 90s with a bit of moisture. I feel like 100-103. 20% chance of rain and storms

Saturday: Air filters drier and less humid and temperatures are not as high in the mid 90s. Skies are mostly sunny

Father’s day: Mostly sunny with low 90s and low humidity


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