For Honor Update 2.36.0 Patch Notes for Y6S2 Today (June 16)

Ubisoft confirms the maintenance schedule for the next for honor update, which will be rolled out to all supported platforms on June 16.

The update in question marks the launch of Year 6 Season 2: Curse of the Scarab, which includes a new battle pass, seasonal event, hero skin, and a new campaign. However, it does mean that the servers will go offline for a total of one hour and thirty minutes before the new season begins.

for honor servers will be offline at 9am ET prior to the release of update 2.36.0. Players will then be required to download a new patch before they can play again, with download sizes between 1.7GB and 2.2GB depending on your platform.


If you’re itching for the exact details of everything that’s included in the June 16 for honor update, check out the official patch notes below.

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For Honor: Year 6 Season 2 Update Goes Live June 16

Below you will find the official patch notes for the latest for honor update, which was rolled out to all supported platforms on Thursday, June 16.




  • Grand Cavalier (Heavy Side Dodge)
    • now it’s 600ms (previously 533ms)
  • walk the plank
    • Walk the Plank’s range has been reduced by 0.5m.
    • The forward movement of the top version of Walk the Plank has been reduced to be the same as the side versions.
    • Walk the Plank pin recovery is now 1500ms (was 1300ms)
    • Walk the Plank’s Pistol Blast now feeds 30 Vengeance (was 5)
    • Walk the Plank’s Pistol Blast now costs 6 stamina (was 15)
    • Pistol fire range on block/miss reduced by 0.5m

Developer Comment: These changes target specific areas where Pirate is outperforming other heroes:

  • Walk the Plank should no longer be able to combine into itself on wallsplat
  • Walk the Plank’s Pistol Blast should no longer allow 100-0 ganks with revenge without triggering
  • Pistol Blast after Block or Miss has less range, reducing your ability to track opponents
  • Grand Cavalier should be easier to react to in 1v1 situations


Full lock stance

  • Can now be used to cancel the recovery of any attack.
  • Now allows stamina regeneration after 300ms.
  • Recovery is now 300ms (was 200ms)
  • No longer gains less revenge while in Full Block Stance
  • Stamina no longer depletes when blocking attacks while in full block stance.
  • Can no longer be canceled in Zone Attack
  • Can now initiate Flail Uppercut and Scutage Collection when blocking an attack

uppercut flail

  • Now done by pressing Heavy after any Superior Block or Shield Bash
  • can no longer dodge
  • now you can stop
  • Now deals 17 damage (was 20)
  • can execute

NEW MOVEMENT: Scutage Collection

  • It is done by pressing Light after any Superior Block or Shield Bash.
  • Deals 15 damage
  • Costs 9 stamina
  • 360 degree trajectory
  • 466ms to hit locked target, 566ms total duration (like most zone attacks, can hit opponents after hitting its primary target)

zone attack

  • Now deals 15 damage (was 8)
  • can no longer celebrate
  • No longer has Top Block
  • Now start strings

Heavy attacks from the opener

  • Top version now deals 27 damage (was 24)
  • Side versions now deal 24 damage (was 22)
  • Uploaded builds are now all 700ms (from 800ms to the top)
  • Charged versions now need to charge for 600ms to gain Unblockable (was 1000ms)
  • Charged versions now deal 28 damage (from 32 for the top and 30 for the side)
  • Removed Superior Block property
  • Conqueror can no longer block while charging Heavy Attack
  • Removed soft feint to Shield Uppercut
  • Now you can feint

Chained Heavy Attacks

  • Top Chain Heavy Attack is now 800ms (was 900ms)
  • All sides are now unblockable.
  • Improved weapon paths on side builds for more range
  • Removed soft feint to Shield Uppercut
  • Now you can feint

Dodge Shield Slam

  • No longer depletes stamina.
  • No longer stops stamina regeneration.
  • Now chains to Flail Uppercut or Scutage Collection on hit

Shield Bash mix (Used on chains)

  • No longer depletes stamina.
  • No longer stops stamina regeneration.
  • Now chains to Flail Uppercut or Scutage Collection on hit
  • Now costs 10 stamina.
  • Now you can feint


Qi Position Attacks

  • You can now cancel Qi Stance with a Dodge
  • Amazing Bloom’s attacks now last 500ms (was 700ms)
  • Amazing Bloom’s attacks are now buffed.
  • Greater Amazing Flower no longer stuns
  • Elegant Lotus attacks are now 700ms (was 1000ms from the top and 600ms on the sides)
  • Top Elegant Lotus is now undodgeable (no longer unblockable)
  • Sun Kick now chains miss
  • Sun Kick Strike is now 400ms (was 300ms)
  • Sun Kick no longer chains to Sweep
  • Qi Stance Light, Heavy and Sun Kick Strike now chain to Sun Sweep
  • Sun Sweep is now 800ms (was 700ms)
  • Sun Sweep can be feinted
  • Sun Sweep no longer unbalances allies
  • Sun Sweep recovery now recovers defense in the last 300ms
  • Sun Sweep now has a dedicated follow up move

New Move: Sun Sweep Heavy Followup

  • Sun Sweep Heavy Followup is performed by pressing the Heavy button
  • is 700ms
  • Costs 12 stamina
  • Deals 24 damage
  • Initiate chains and can enter Qi Stance

Side dodge attacks

  • Now start strings
  • You can now enter Qi Stance
  • Now he has more movement, both frontally and laterally.

New Move: Flying Monkey Variation

  • Performed by pressing Guard Break from Front Dodge
  • It is a 500ms melee attack
  • Done at 300ms to 500ms from Front Dodge
  • Chains to a neutral Light or Heavy attack on hit or miss

light initial attacks

  • Top light opener is now improved
  • Side Light starting combos now deal 10-4-4 damage (was 5-5-7)
  • Side Light opening combos no longer require a strict time to execute

Heavy Opening and Chain Attacks

  • The attack range for all Opener and Chained Heavy attacks has been increased.
  • Improved trajectories on Side Heavy Attacks
  • All non-finisher heavy attack recoveries have been normalized to 800ms

zone attack

  • Second hit is now 800ms (was 500ms)
  • Third hit is now 900ms (was 400ms)
  • Stamina cost is now 20 for the first hit, 20 for the second, and 20 for the third (was 60 for the first, 0 for others)
  • Second hit now deals 15 damage (was 12)
  • Third hit now deals 18 damage.
  • Can now switch targets between Zone Attack hits
  • Improved trajectories
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Zone Attack from properly hitting minions.
  • Third hit now gains defense in the last 300ms of its recovery


Bloodlust Adjustments

  • Now grants +20% damage dealt (was +50%).
  • Now gives -20% damage taken (was -50%).
  • Cooldown is now 20 seconds (was 30 seconds)




  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Warden to have an incorrect right heavy animation after a Guard Break when out of energy (FH-3102)


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the attack buff symbol above the health bar to be missing when the player triggered the “Slide” feat.


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed some issues with bots performing “Dodge Then Light Attack”.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed some issues with Shaolin Bot’s infinite chain not stopping properly (when out of power, standing still, etc.)


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused audio (such as voice lines and growls during battle) to not always play as expected (FH-3779)


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the water summoner execution to have no controller vibration (FH-3737)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Warlord “Millia” chest to only apply paint patterns to the inside of the back standards.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Orochi’s “Horkos Shitagu” Helm Necklace to have no texture (FH-3664)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Berserker’s “Fabled Varnarmur” left ax head inscriptions to not take on colors
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Shinobi’s “Senpaku” rudder headband knot to have the rudder texture pattern (FH-3479)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Black Prior’s “Aphractum” chest to have stretching issues (FH-3474)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Orochi’s alternate body type to have faulty eyes with the “Chiyome” helmet (FH-3317)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the raider’s “Fortress of Ljot” helm feather to stick to the helm, causing the helm to distort while the hero moved (FH-3083)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Centurion’s “Phoenix” sword to be face down when executing (FH-2806)
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