Fox made Liz Cheney a conservative heroine 10 years ago. She today she is the top villain of the network.

“Voters are saying they’ve had enough, and it’s time to bury the tragic Bush-Cheney era once and for all,” the 10 p.m. Fox anchor said. the Republican primary in Wyoming.

Cheney was a punching bag and joke throughout the GOP-aligned media when the primary results came in. Many right-wing commentators repeated the same points they had made for months: that Cheney’s condemnation of former President Donald Trump and her collaboration with Democrats in the House select committee investigating on January 6 made her an enemy.

At Fox, the tone was quite personal and bitter, and an extraordinary twist for a network that once celebrated the Cheney family dynasty. In 2012, Liz Cheney was even a paid commentator for Fox. And when she left the network in 2013 to run for Senate in Wyoming, Sean Hannity endorsed her.

But he crossed paths with Trump, and thus Fox’s biggest stars. On Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson poked fun at his public stance in defense of democracy, which stems from Trump’s 2020 plot to overturn the result of the elections, and mocked the media that have taken her seriously. She predicted that she would soon “write a column for National Review and release a Simon and Schuster book called ‘Democracy.'”

An hour later, Hannity opened his show by calling Cheney “the most obsessive Trump hater in the country.” She scoffed at talk of a possible Cheney presidential candidacy, saying “if she can’t win Wyoming, she’s not going to win any other Republican state I can think of.”

In the 10 p.m. hour, Ingraham’s show showed about five minutes of Cheney’s concession speech, then cut to the guests who ridiculed Cheney. CNN and MSNBC broadcast the entire speech.

Fox’s coverage included Cheney telling supporters that he could easily have won the primary — “the path was clear” — but “it would have required me to accept President Trump’s lie about the 2020 election. It would have required me to allow his continued efforts to unravel our democratic system and attack the foundations of our republic. That was a path he could not and would not take.”

Newsmax showed nothing of Cheney’s speech. Instead, the 10 pm anchor celebrated the fact that “Liz Cheney is gone.”

Numerous right-wing commentators portrayed Hageman’s victory and Cheney’s defeat as a perfect example of democracy in action, implying that it undermines Cheney’s warnings about threats to democracy.

But unlike Trump, Cheney did not deny that he lost the race, nor did he encourage people to believe that he won, nor did he incite his supporters to prevent Hageman’s victory from being certified.

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