Friday, June 17 Solution and hint

Well, I am still under the weather with COVID-19 as I write this. It’s been a long, tiring week of coughing, sinus warfare, and pounding headaches, but I hope it’s coming to an end. A birthday is coming up and I’d rather not get sick about it.

Viral word puzzle game Wordle and I share that in common, actually. Wordle turns one on June 19 (the day Guess #0 was released, albeit before the game went public) and Guess #1 falls on my 20th birthday.

That also happens to be the last day of spring. It’s not officially summer yet, though with heat waves sweeping the country, we better be.

Let’s take a look at today’s Wordle before we start rambling about wildfires here, smoke (not fun when you have a respiratory illness), and the various fatalities of climate change, recession, inflation, and war. From time to time this column sounds downright apocalyptic!

Forward . . . .

How to play wordle

Wordle is a fairly simple word puzzle game, although it can throw tricky words at you at times. You basically have to guess one word per day. You have six guesses to get the correct answer. There is a total pool of 2309 possible solutions, so you’ll want to guess the best words that come to mind to eliminate common letters and narrow down the available options.

When you guess a word, the grid of cells will change color. The correct letters in the wrong box will be displayed in yellow. The correct letters in the box to the right will be displayed in green. All incorrect letters appear in gray. The goal is to get all the boxes green to win!

Today’s Word #363 Clue and Answer

Spoilers ahead! You have been warned!

First, a hint: Windy, past tense.

And the answer is . . .

So my guess wasn’t too bad here. I’m happy with a four, if not ecstatic. Scope it worked quite well, actually, although it worked especially well because I didn’t try to discover any other vowels in later guesses. I only removed the ‘E’ but decided with the deadlock of the ‘O’ like this, and the ‘E’ is no longer a final option, that I would try to remove the consonants first.

Sure, there were other ways it could have gone. she could have guessed soiled for instance. That would have removed the ‘A’ and ‘U’ and given me an ‘L’ but not the ‘N’ I got with Thorn. After Thorn I only had three options left (according to Wordle Bot after the fact). These were blown, blown Y known. had you thought about spoiled prior to flown I could have gotten this in three. But I’m down to four. It’s splendid enough for me.

TGIF young padawans! Happy weekend and last days of spring!

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