Friday, June 24 Solution and Tips

TGIF: Thank the gods it’s Freya’s day. One more day for the sweet respite of the weekend.

I am mostly better from my little issue with COVID-19. Just that residual cold stuff, a little more runny, mostly. Slightly bitter with a hint of bad mood. All that rot.

The other good news from my part of the forest, where a human-caused forest fire burned vast swathes of the mountain, is that the monsoon season has begun and it’s finally raining every day.

In any case, today’s Wordle is a bit tricky, so let’s take a look, shall we? Read on for a basic Wordle primer or scroll ahead for today’s tip and answer!

How to play wordle

Wordle is a fairly simple game. First, head over to the game’s home page in the New York Times (it’s not an app on the App Store or Google Play, though there are plenty of imitators).

Once here, you will find six rows of five boxes. These represent your six guesses. Type a word and press ‘Enter’ and any correct letters you get will appear in colored boxes: green if it’s in the right place, yellow if it’s in the wrong place. If a box is gray, it means the letter is not in the solution.

Today’s Word #370 Clue and Answer

There are spoilers ahead! Beware! Beware of spoilers! They come to take you, haha!

First, a hint: If you were a wrathful god, you could do this to heathens and scoundrels from time to time.

And the answer is . . . .

This one took me a bit to figure out despite getting three letters correct, one green and two yellow, on my first guess.

And what a first guess! I am proud of this one. Skein it means “a piece of thread or yarn, loosely coiled and knotted,” although it is not a word often heard in everyday conversation. Reduced the total chances of 2309 to just 14, unlike crane which, for today’s word, would have left 102. Take that, Wordle Bot!

From here things went a little. . . more slowly. Sieve it took me 14 to 10 solutions remaining. me sliced I got five more solutions with assumption n. 3, but I kept too many for comfort (although at the time, I didn’t realize how precarious a position I was in).

Needle I was left with two possible solutions and two guesses, but luckily I only needed one more to get it right, with hurt. And so I hit Wordle today like a boss. The other possible solution was suite room but i’m more of a hurt boy what a suite room Type.

Still, a bit of a tough word today with all the possible ways this could happen! Happy Friday, dear Wordlers! Have a great weekend!

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