‘Friends’ pop-up experience launches today in Denver

“They don’t know that we know that they know that we know,” but Denver will soon learn what The FRIENDS Experience is all about at the interactive pop-up experience opening June 16. After successful runs in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix, The FRIENDS Experience is finally coming to Denver.

Originally created for the show’s 25th anniversary, fans can now celebrate their favorite Friends characters and relive some of the series’ most iconic moments and scenes with this interactive experience created by Superfly X, Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television Group.

The FRIENDS Experience features 12 nostalgic rooms with memorable scenes from the show, including Monica’s Kitchen, Central Perk and the iconic Friends source of the opening credits.

“We look forward to bringing the FRIENDS experience to the Mile High City,” said Stacy Moscatelli, Superfly X co-president and chief strategy officer.Friends fans in Denver and those visiting the area will be able to enter the world of the iconic series, relive their favorite moments and celebrate the show like never before.”

303 Magazine, Jessica Hughes, The FRIENDS Experience, Superfly X, Warner Brothers, Denver, Cherry Creek West

Take photos with your friends in the recreated opening credits scene.

The experience begins with the opening credits scene in the iconic Friends fountain where you can take a photo with you and your friends on the orange sofa. Spaces throughout the experience highlight each of the characters and some of their most memorable aspects, including all of Rachel’s hairstyles, Monica Geller’s cleaning tips, Phoobe’s guitar, and the tip station outside of Central. Perk and Joey’s outfit “Could I wear more clothes?” .

The interactive space provides opportunities to explore the show’s story and re-enact your favorite moments, like looking around Rachel and Monica’s purple door and kitchen, relaxing in Chandler and Joey’s recliner, or helping Ross with the infamous pivot of the sofa. And do not worry, the staff is trained and fully prepared to capture the Insta-worthy photo for you and your friends.

303 Magazine, Jessica Hughes, The FRIENDS Experience, Superfly X, Warner Brothers, Denver, Cherry Creek West

Explore iconic scenes like Monica’s kitchen and the purple door.

“This show has been around for 28 years and has staying power. People know it and love it. And now you have this new generation of fans who have been watching it on streaming platforms and have given it a kind of new life,” Moscatelli said. “It’s a great opportunity to get into a scene that you could only see on screen before.”

Other highlights of the experience include showings of some of the original scripts, the “Letter” Rachel wrote to Ross in the actual words, front and back, a dating chronology of who dated whom, the opportunity to push a Ugly Naked Boy and Etch A Wall Sketch of the original posts that were created by the show’s crew.

303 Magazine, Jessica Hughes, The FRIENDS Experience, Superfly X, Warner Brothers, Denver, Cherry Creek West

Recreate the PIVOT scene with you and your friends.

To top it off, of course, the experience ends with a recreated Central Perk complete with the legendary orange couch. Also, a site Friends The retail store offering exclusive merchandise is open to both ticketed and non-ticketed guests.

“The One in Denver” is located on Cherry Creek West at 2500 East First Ave. Tickets are on sale exclusively at FriendsTheExperience.com/Denver. The FRIENDS experience will be open in Denver from June 16 to September 5, 2022.

Timed entrance tickets are available starting at $32 plus taxes and fees. Specially priced tickets will be available for children, students, military and seniors. Private access tickets are also available for groups of up to six or 10 people.

The FRIENDS experience remains “Monica Clean” and plans to continue COVID-19 protocols throughout the space, including but not limited to social distancing, mask recommendations, and extensive cleaning and sanitizing measures.

All photos courtesy of Superfly X.

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