FYI Miami: June 16, 2022

Written by Miami Today on June 14, 2022


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RELIEVING FILM THAT ALLOWS: Miami-Dade County would continue to handle film permits for the city of North Miami for at least five more years under a proposed agreement that is directed at county commissioners. This is one of 14 agreements the county has with municipalities under which the county can allow production companies to use funds from multiple areas of the county with a single permit, removing barriers to production here. “This service is an effective incentive to attract film, television and photo sessions to this community,” says a memo from the County Operations Manager. Jimmy Morales that accompanies the legislation, which last week won a favorable recommendation from the Committee on Airports and Economic Development. Under the agreement, the production company pays the county Office of Film and Entertainment $125 for each permit processed on behalf of the city.

FINANCING OF THE FILM: “Love on the Reef,” a made-for-TV movie set to shoot over 13 days in Miami-Dade, is recommended for a $50,000 county film incentive payment to local production company Brand New Movies LLC. Last week, the county’s Airport and Economic Development Committee recommended the legislation, sponsored by Commissioner sally heymanfor the approval of the commission. To receive the grant, the project must spend $500,000 in the county, 70% of the contracted staff must be from Miami-Dade, and 70% of the vendor businesses must be registered with the county. The company says it expects to hire 20 county residents for the shooting. The film is listed as a romantic comedy licensed for distribution through the Lifetime and Hallmark networks. The legislation says that “it is the story of a marine biologist who falls in love with a diving instructor while exploring a coral reef in Florida.”

INCREASE IN CRIMES IN THE COUNTY: Violent crime in areas of Miami-Dade county police patrolled increased more than 29% in the first four months of this year and non-violent crime increased nearly 15%, a new county report shows. Reports of rape are up nearly 32% from the first four months of 2021, robberies up more than 62%, and aggravated assaults up more than 27%. burglary 59%, shoplifting nearly 26%, and auto theft over 30%. On the bright side, homicides are down more than 43%, from 39 in the first four months of last year to 22 this year. Reports of pocket theft were also down, from 15 to 5. And, in those four months, there were no reports of shoplifting among the 10,856 reported felonies. The figures cover only areas where municipal police are not patrolling: they file their own crime reports.

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