“God of Wealth” note issued by the Reserve Bank of Fiji

By De La Rue, plc …..

On Monday, August 8, the Reserve Bank of Fiji released a special numismatic note with a face value of 88 cents.

The new note is the result of a collaboration between the Reserve Bank of Fiji, of the street, Limited Banknote WorldY China Coin Industrial Co.Limited. In Chinese culture, god of wealth bless people with good luck, happiness and prosperity. This theme was chosen because it was considered appropriate to wish people wealth and good fortune in the context of challenging global events. In Chinese, the number 8 is pronounced as “fa”, which means “fortune”, and inspired the value of the 88-cent bill and the release date of the eighth day of the eighth month of the year.

The numismatic banknote (collectible) presents a wide PURE IMAGE™ yarn containing repeating images of the number 88 and diamonds. Gold coins appear in iridescent ink and a legendary Chinese tree: the money tree – is incorporated into the design with Enhanced GEMINI™ inks. This tree is visible in one color under daylight and then transforms into two colors under ultraviolet light. According to legend, the money tree grows leaves and fruit in the form of gold coins, and these coins will grow back immediately if they are shaken from the tree.

The Governor and Chairman of the Board of the Reserve Bank of Fiji, Mr. ariff alideclared “To the delight of our numismatic collectors, we are privileged to offer this iconic 88-cent numismatic note for local and international sales.”

Ruth EulingCEO and Managing Director, Currency said: “Congratulations to the Reserve Bank of Fiji on their iconic 88c note numismatic project. We are grateful for the trust that the Reserve Bank of Fiji placed in De La Rue in the design and production of this note and are honored by our strong ongoing relationship. May the God of Wealth themed 88c numismatic note bring good fortune to all.”

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