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SMALL ROCK – With growing concern about school safety in the wake of recent events across the country, Governor Asa Hutchinson announced today that he has issued an executive order to reinstate the Arkansas School Safety Commission.“

The recent violence in Texas was a stark reminder that the job of securing our schools is never done,” Governor Hutchinson said. “That is why I am calling on the Arkansas School Safety Commission to get it back up and running. The members of the commission, which I created in 2018, presented thirty significant recommendations in their original 124-page report. School districts across the state have implemented many of the recommendations.

“But it is crucial that we constantly assess the safety of our schools and stay on top of the best ways to ensure our children and educators are safe. The original commission built a solid foundation on which to continue this vital work.”

Commission members will review the Commission’s final report in 2018. They will update their analysis of the safety of K-12 schools across the state with the physical and mental health of students in mind. The Commission will identify any new school safety best practice recommendations that have been developed since 2018.

The first meeting of the School Safety Commission will be Tuesday, June 14 at the state capitol, with the initial report due to Governor Hutchinson on August 1, 2022.

The commission will include a representative from the Arkansas Attorney General’s office, the Arkansas Division of Emergency Management (ADEM), the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE), and the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy (ALETA). ).

The commission will also include the director of the CJI, a county sheriff, a public school superintendent, a public school teacher, a public school counselor and a former federal law enforcement officer.

The members of the commission are the following:

  • Dr. Cheryl May – President
    Director, Institute of Criminal Justice
    University of Arkansas System
  • Leslie Rutledge, Arkansas Attorney General
    Arkansas Attorney General, or designee
  • oh gary
    Director, Division of Emergency Management
    Arkansas Department of Public Safety
  • Dr. David Hopkins
    Superintendent, Clarksville School District
  • donna wilchie
    School Counselor, Conway School District
  • Tim Cain
    Director, Public Schools Transportation and Academic Facilities Division
    Arkansas Department of Education
  • crystal brawell
    Office of Support and Coordinated Services, Division of Elementary and Secondary Education
    Arkansas Department of Education
  • Tim Helder
    Sheriff, Washington County
  • bill’s temple
    Retired Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Dr Laura Dunn
    Director, UAMS Psychiatric Research Institute
  • Secretary Jamie Cook
    Director, Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy
    Secretary, Arkansas Department of Public Safety
  • John Allison
    Teacher, Vilonia High School
  • Marvin Burton
    Principal, Little Rock School District
  • chris chapmond
    Chief, Hot Springs Police Department
    President, Arkansas Police Chiefs Association
  • patricia gann
    Deputy Director, Division of Behavioral Health, Adult and Aging Services
    Arkansas Department of Human Services
  • bill gossage
    Deputy Chief of Staff, External Operations, Office of the Governor
  • cute graham
    School Psychologist, Nettleton School District
  • Dr Mike Hernandez
    Executive Director, Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators
  • bill hollenbeck
    Police Chief, Fort Smith Public Schools
  • ricky hopkins
    Parent, Prescott School District
  • Tom Jenkins
    Chief, Rogers Fire Department
  • lori poston
    Vice President of Clinical Services, Northeast Region, Arisa Health
  • Courtney Salas-Ford
    Senior Legal Counsel, Division of Elementary and Secondary Education
    Arkansas Department of Education
  • paula stone
    Associate Director, Children’s Services, Division of Behavioral, Adult and Aging Health Services
    Arkansas Department of Human Services

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