Halo Infinite’s First Drop Pod Update Arrives Today, Brings Ranked Changes And Faster Load Times

Halo Infinite is set to receive its first “Drop Pod” update today, bringing a number of minor changes to the 343 Industries shooter, including improvements to ranked matchmaking.

Halo Infinite Senior Community Manager John Junyszek confirmed the Twitter that update is set to land later today. 343 has described “Drop Pods” as mid-season quality of life updates coming to Halo Infinite periodically, and that’s exactly what this June update is. Changes to ranked matchmaking are perhaps the biggest part of the update. New players will need to complete 25 matches in a social playlist before they can queue up the ranks, and ranked matchmaking will also require Fireteam members to be within a certain skill range of each other in order to queue up.

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Also coming as part of the update are menu optimizations that should speed up load times when switching between the Battle Pass, Challenge, and Shop menus, with the improvements said to be more noticeable on lower-spec hardware. Additionally, the Halo Infinite loading screen art has been updated to show the Lone Wolves key art from Season 2.

The only major game change coming as part of June Drop Pod is an update to vehicles. The durability of all light and medium vehicles in the game (which is all vehicles except Wraith and Scorpion tanks) has been slightly increased. The Scorpion’s controls have also been tweaked, with 343 stating that driving the tank should now “feel more intuitive”. One bug particularly important to the game, the ability to ping enemies through walls, will also be fixed once the update is live.

Halo Infinite Season 2 kicked off in May and brought two new maps, Last Spartan Standing mode, and a new battle pass. The game’s long-awaited online co-op mode is slated to arrive in August, but players interested in trying it out sooner can sign up through the Halo Insider program for a chance to play in July.

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