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Invest 98L: Are you ready?

Posted 12:02 pm Thursday, September 22, 2022

Eyes along the Gulf Coast are looking out to sea this week as an area of ​​concern develops, but uncertainty of its path remains high.

Emergency Management officials, meteorologists and residents throughout the Gulf region are carefully studying the tropics this week.

Local meteorologist Spinks Megginson offers some advice as Invest 98L continues its journey.

“Unfortunately, the uncertainty surrounding INVEST 98L will likely continue quite significantly over the next few days until the system becomes well established in the central or western Caribbean Sea,” Megginson said Thursday. “Major weather models generally don’t do the best job of pinning down specific details about a tropical system when a low-level center of circulation doesn’t exist. For now, there is no low-level center. Once the low-level center develops, that is when the system will develop into a tropical depression or tropical storm. I expect that to happen in 2 or 3 days when the system is somewhere near or south of Jamaica in the Caribbean Sea. It IS possible that the system will become a tropical storm a little sooner or later than that, but generally 2-3 days is a good estimate of when this system should be a named tropical storm in the Caribbean Sea.”

The key points to keep in mind in the coming days are:

There is great uncertainty about the future trajectory of this system. However, there is a possibility that a hurricane could develop in or near the Gulf of There is great uncertainty about the future path of this system. However, there is a possibility of a hurricane developing in or near the Gulf of Mexico;

Everyone along the Gulf Coast should remain vigilant and stay up-to-date with the latest forecasts of a trustworthy source including the National Hurricane Center, National Weather Service, and local Emergency Management. Beware of making critical decisions based on long-range spaghetti diagrams;

Remember, impacts occur long before landfall, so depending on where the final trajectory occurs, they could start earlier than expected.

Now is the time to prepare for potential weather emergencies. See hurricane preparedness tips at and

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