Is there no game on TV? Some movies to fill that football void and fuel your football spirit | Opinions

“Remember the Titans” (1998)

Where to watch: Disney+

Duration: 1h 53m

You can never go wrong with a Denzel Washington classic.

“Remember the Titans” is one of the best sports movies based on true events of all time. It deftly tackles race relations while harboring an enjoyable camaraderie between clichéd yet iconic characters, all set against the backdrop of high school football.

“Before looking for hate, we always, always remember the Titans,” said Sheryl Yoast, the film’s narrator.

Do you want to feel that team spirit? This movie is full of that.

Moving and passionate, this movie has some of the best motivational speeches and harsh social commentary in the background, but being rated PG hurts its ability to spread the message it was meant to convey. However, it is uplifting and positive, funny and warm and an all-around fun piece of cinema that serves its purpose as a family film worth adding to your watch list.

“American Underdog” (2021)

Where to watch: Hulu

Duration: 1h 52m

Another movie based on real events about soccer? How many can there be?

Though far from original, “American Underdog” offers a much-appreciated perspective on the great Kurt Warner’s humble beginnings as a stock boy at a grocery store and how he worked his way through various obstacles to become a two-time NFL player. . MVP, Super Bowl champion, and Hall of Fame quarterback with the St. Louis Rams.

Despite its PG rating, it’s surprisingly uplifting, heartfelt, and far more mature than I expected. But he still has several flaws that can take his focus away. He spends a lot of time dealing with Warner’s personal issues and backstory rather than expanding on the football aspect of his life. He doesn’t get enough screen time from his time with the Rams, so the movie feels a bit incomplete.

“American Underdog” wouldn’t be my first recommendation for a sports movie, but if you have time to kill and are curious about Warner’s life, this movie would be the perfect choice for an easy and fun viewing.

“Invincible” (2006)

Where to watch: Disney+

Duration: 1h 45m

Vince Papale was just a substitute teacher and bartender in South Philly when he decided to try out for the Eagles.

With nothing to lose and much to gain, he rose through the ranks and shined to be an unexpected star and great addition to the team of the 1970s. His story is an inspiration to all who think they are too old or not quite right. good enough to be selected.

A football movie based on the true story in the same format as its contemporaries, “Invincible” does the same thing as them. But somehow, under the guidance of Ericson Core, it manages to hold its own to this day and rises above the rest.

This is due in part to Mark Wahlberg’s performance, which is something I never thought I’d say.

Instead of a story about someone becoming the best in sports, this movie is a little simpler and a lot more genuine: it’s a movie about a good man who loved sports, and it’s probably the most moving movie ever. three.

Good luck finding a football movie unlike any of the ones I’ve mentioned. But if you have any comments about my options, please send them to

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