Jenna Bush Hager absent from Today – Hoda Kotb tells replacement, ‘This is your house’

Beatrice Colon

Since his arrival in 2019, Jenna BushHager has become a friendly and familiar face that fans can look forward to every weekday morning at the Today is the show.

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A different face though, though still quite familiar. took his place Thursday morningand fans have many opinions about the replacement.

hoda kotb revealed that her regular co-host is sadly “on assignment,” but she had a close friend right next to her 3rd Hour host, none other than previous the view presenter Meredith Vieira.

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Her and Hoda’s friendship goes back several years, as they both appeared on broadcasts at similar times, and she even co-hosted This day for many years. Revealing that she would be taking Jenna’s place while she was away, Hoda couldn’t help but sing her praises and reminisce about their time together on the show.

“This is your house,” the star firmly stated, before repeating: “This is the house you helped build over the years.”

He even admitted, “Whenever someone asks me who I admire most in broadcasting, I always say youand I’ll tell you why I always say you…”

Meredith and Hoda go back!

The mother of two fondly explained: “When you started in the business, you played by your own rules, you were one of the first women to 60 minutes and they were grinding at that point, especially the women in that group.”

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He congratulated Meredith for making the difficult decision to leave the long-running program to focus on his familysaying, “And you did the right thing for yourself. You told Don Hewitt this might not be working for me,” and couldn’t help but imagine how intimidating that must have been.

The chemistry of the star hosts was as if they had never been apart.

They both opened up how difficult it was to be a woman in journalism when you were starting your careers, with Hoda expressing, “Being a woman in our industry, at that time that was big.”

While they must have missed Jenna, fans loved seeing Meredith back in studio 1A writing, “That’s an amazing duo” and, “Meredith was great this morning, please bring her back soon, whenever she needs a co-host.” . as well as: “I miss having her on the show every day.”

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