Jun 12 Quordle Reply: Quordle Word Suggestions and Today’s Reply

Meet Wordle’s tougher and more challenging cousin, Quordle, your next prank obsession.

Described by some as ‘Wordle on steroids’, the tricky puzzle game tests your skills by asking you to guess four five-letter words at the same time.

Here’s how you can play this awesome game, some tips to help you with today’s puzzle, and that all-important answer when you just can’t take it anymore!

How Quordle is different from Wordle and how to play it

Like Wordle, we look for five-letter words that work, but instead of just one word a day, we need four!

Instead of six tries, you get nine tries to guess the words correctly and light up those satisfying tiles.

Just like its cousin from the word game, the colors of the tiles change color based on your answers.

You will get a gray tile if the letter does not appear in the words for that day.

If you get a yellow tile, it means the letter is in the word but you don’t have it in the right place.

And finally, the tile will turn green if you have the correct letter in the correct place.

When you guess a word in Quordle, it will appear in all four answer boxes.

You must keep your eyes on all the tiles, as you can solve the puzzle in any order.

In fact, you might even find the third or fourth word before you’ve even figured out the first!

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Quordle Tips and Tricks

Like Wordle, the best strategy to increase your chances of solving the puzzle in as few tries as possible is to maximize the amount of information you get.

Use your first guesses wisely by trying out vowel-heavy words like ADIEU, OUIJA, or AUDIO.

If your first answers yield very little, shake off your guesswork and go in a completely different direction to give yourself a better chance.

Quordle Tips June 12

If the June 12 riddle is proving to be a bit mind-boggling for you, we’ve included some subtle tips to help you crack it without revealing the whole game.

Word one Quordle Suggestions

  • the first letter is s
  • There is only one vowel in this word.
  • Think: responsibility

Two Word Quordle Suggestions

  • the first letter is g
  • There are two vowels in this word but one is used twice
  • Think: tropical food

Wordle Three Quordle Tips

  • the first letter is o
  • There are three vowels in this word.
  • Express a belief or point of view

Four Word Quordle Suggestions

  • the first letter is f
  • There are two vowels in this word.
  • think: history

What is Quordle’s answer today: June 12

If you’ve given up on today’s game, then we can save you the misery.

But those still trying to figure out the tune, look the other way now.

The Quordle for June 12 is:





Play through the Quordle website.

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