June 10 Nice weather today Still uncertain Rain plotting this weekend

June 10, 2022

Friday morning report

Today’s weather will be wonderful. Low humidity brings June’s version of crispness to the air, but so do afternoon clouds. The cooler air overhead can sometimes lead to a self-destructive sun. Rising warm air quickly produces clouds with the setting up.

This weekend is still a wild card. Last night I wrote a report trying to be optimistic. This is because while it is likely to rain, we may see it fragmented, including dry hours in between to squeeze in some events. The problem is that all of the computer guidance has a slightly different variation of where the rain accumulates, which makes confidence low.

I will share my opinion below, trying to simplify it. But we will also have to deal with some persistent rain on Sunday, keeping an eye on the radar both days.

morning setup

National Flip Flop Day

It moved to 17, but today we celebrate

You can join my wife’s Flip Flop Army (from Sun and Fun)

surface weather

Today you will feel GREAT!

The rainmaker to the west is what we are observing on both Saturday and Sunday lingering…

local temperatures



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TODAY June 10

Low normal in Baltimore: 60ºF

Record of 49ºF in 1960

Normal high in Baltimore: 82ºF

Record 97ºF 1964

weekend time:

Rain, but when and where? Please note that there will be breaks.

Repeating my previous message: I need to emphasize that we expect rain on Saturday. It’s ‘likely’, but it may not last all day. There will be some breaks.

Generally: Band of rain in the morning, then scattered showers. Both days!

Simulation: Sat 6 AM to Sun 2 PM

NAM Model 3Km


Saturday Temperatures



Looking forward to Sunday:

Compare ECWMF models with GFS

Here is the conflict: there is not a total agreement on the time and location. So the best I can suggest is:

Rain in the Morning, then Scattered Showers or T’storms in the Afternoon.

European ECMWF: 1 AM to 11 PM


European GFS: 1 AM to 11 PM


beach forecast

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7 day forecast

Hurricane Season Forecast: June 1 to November 30

NOAA 2022 Hurricane Forecast: Above Normal Again

Forecast from Colorado State University

Atlantic Hurricane Forecast

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*Disclaimer due to FAQ:

I am aware that there are some spelling and grammatical errors. I’ve made a few public statements over the years, but if you’re new here you may have missed them:

I have dyslexia and discovered it in my second year at Cornell. It didn’t stop me from earning my degree in meteorology and being the first to earn the AMS CBM in the Baltimore/Washington region.

I miss my mistakes in my own review. The autocorrect spell checker on my computer sometimes does an injustice to make things worse.

All maps and information are accurate. ‘Tidy’ things can get sticky.

There is no editor who can review my work. when I need it and have it ready to send in a newsworthy timeline.

I accept this and maybe it proves that what you read is really mine…

It’s part of my charm.

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