Laulima Pahoa makes geothermal presentation today in Puna

(BIVN) – There will be a set of presentations today in Puna on the geothermal industry.

Laulima Pahoa is hosting the A’ole PGV Community Briefing at Uncle Robert’s in Kaimu.

From the organizers:

The non-profit organization Laulima Pahoa is proud to announce that the Puna community is invited to a free presentation and legal fundraiser related to the often overlooked impacts of the Puna Geothermal Venture on the surrounding community.

Speakers from the Puna Pono Alliance will provide updates on the legal battles and status of the PGV lawsuits in the Intermediate Court and the agency’s actions at the Department of Health and the PUC. We’ll be talking about the 2021 emergency response plan that doesn’t show the new uphill locations of the 3 hydrogen sulfide monitors that PGV is supposed to put on its perimeter to protect residents from the deadly gas.

We will discuss how much Pentane uses (and loses) PGV and how the Hawaii Volcano Observatory/USGS is not monitoring earthquakes in the area surrounding PGV and how little firm electricity PGV has generated in the last 30 years. All using PGV, USGS and DBEDT information from the State of Hawaii.

We will do a quick review of the media reports during May 2018 related to PGV and how 10 out of 11 wells went “off” on May 21, but then we found out that they didn’t really go off and there are no 10 or 11 wells. listed on the PGV extinguishment report, which shows they actually injected until lava cut through their property on May 28 and KS-9 was the problem, not KS-14.

Also a quick review of the only 2 PGV studies that confirm negative geothermal seismic impacts (1995, 2010) and a couple of University of Hawaii and USGS reports on the 2018 Kilauea eruption that don’t fully acknowledge the 2 studies and they also don’t mention PGV was feeding cold water into an erupting volcano for 2 weeks.

Speakers include Robert Petricci, Luana Jones, Jon Olson, Geoffrey Best, Paul Kukyendall, Dave Kisor, and Rocky Kulani. Sara Steiner and Larry Wood will give PowerPoint presentations, using Google Maps and USGS KML and earthquake data for imagery.

This free family event starts at 1:30 pm on Saturday, Kamehameha Day, June 11 at Uncle Robert’s Awa Club. Leilani Estates hula halau Nā Po’e ao Hiwa Hālau Ōlapa ‘O Laka I Kaʻana ‘O Puna under the tutelage of kumu Robbie McGrath will provide an interlude to discussions at 3:00 pm The evening concludes with songs by Millicent Cummings and Rocky and Dea also play original songs and then introduce kanekapila, so bring your instruments and join us in song.

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