Lizzo changes lyrics to new song ‘Grrrls’ to remove ‘Ableist Slur’

Lizzo is changing the lyrics to her new song “Grrrls” after criticism from the disability community that the song contains a word that is considered a “foreman slur.”

The letter in question is as follows:

“Hold my bag/See this sh*t? I am a braggart.

The word spaz or spazz is considered an insult in the United Kingdom and Australia, although it is generally accepted that in the United States it means “to go berserk”.

After Lizzo’s song surfaced on Friday, people online reached out to the pop star asking her to change the lyrics.

“Hears @lizzo remove the word “s–z” from your new song because it’s insulting and really offensive to the disabled community,” one user wrote, signing the post “a disappointed fan.”

“Many seem unaware that this slur comes from *medical terminology* that was hijacked and then used to make fun of people with cerebral palsy and later other disabled people.” @AutisticCallum_ he wrote in a thread, adding that he didn’t want anyone to “cancel Lizzo.”

Disability Advocate Hannah Diviney tweeted an explanation why he was offended by the pop star.

“Hears @lizzo, my disability, cerebral palsy, is literally classified as spastic diplegia (where spasticity refers to a painful and endless tension in the legs), your new song makes me very angry and sad, “he wrote in his now viral post. ” ‘S–z’ does not mean scared or crazy. It is a capable insult. It’s 2022. Do better.”

Monday afternoon, Lizzo posted on Twitter that she is changing the song.

“It has come to my attention that there is a hurtful word in my new song ‘GRRRLS.’ Let me make one thing clear: I never want to promote derogatory language. As a fat black woman in America, I’ve had a lot of hurtful words used against me so that he understands the power that words can have (either intentionally or in my case, unintentionally)”. she wrote, adding that there is a new version of the song with a lyric change.

“This is the result of listening and taking action. As an influential artist, I am dedicated to being a part of the change I have been waiting to see in the world,” she concluded.

Diviney later shared the pop star’s update on her Twitter, writing that she was “going to cry.”

“Thank you so much for listening to us, Lizzo, and for understanding that this was just done delicately and for being open to learning. Honestly, it means the world,” he said. said. “You are a true royal ally.”

This is not the first time an American has used the word “s–z” apparently unaware that it is considered an insult abroad.

In 2006, after the final round of the US Masters, Tiger Woods made the same misstep.

“I made a terrible putt today. Once I got to the greens, it was a s–z,” he said at the time. He would later apologize in a statement through his spokeswoman, who said Woods “had no derogatory intent toward any person.”

Ariana Brockington contributed.

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