Make Money in the Gig Economy and Crypto: JumpTask Review

Have you ever thought about getting an additional source of income? If not, there is a good reason to do so. Prices are rising all over the world, and this time it’s happening pretty fast. US inflation rate hit 9.1% in June 2022the highest rate since 1981. What’s an average person to do when bills get harder to pay?

One thing that can help in a highly inflationary environment is earning extra income. What if there was a way to increase your regular job income with extra money? In the gig economy, that becomes possible. And according to JumpTask, the new crypto platform for microtasking, getting into the gig industry doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s check if that’s the case.

What is the Gig Economy?

The gig economy connects workers and businesses, often through digital platforms. UpWork and Fiverr are the most popular platforms for freelancers to join, complete tasks and collect free money. Most jobs are temporary, and temporary workers can hold multiple jobs simultaneously.

The essential advantage of the gig economy is flexibility. While you have a full-time job, you can earn more by completing jobs. Later, you can transition to full-time freelancing. In the gig economy, you can work from anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection. This means you access work regardless of your physical location.

The concert market is experiencing significant growth, with recent statistics showing an annual growth of 33%. If you’re already thinking about additional income, that’s great. The next question is how to become part of the gig economy. And most importantly, how difficult is it to join?

What is JumpTask?

JumpTask is a new platform in the gig economy space. It’s a global marketplace where freelancers find tasks to complete. The platform has one crucial advantage: all tasks are for beginners, so anyone can join and start earning. To top it off, freelancers get paid at JumpTask’s cryptocurrency, JumpToken (JMPT). How does it work?

To get started, you need to have a crypto wallet. Don’t have one yet? No problem. Once you sign up using social logins, a new wallet is created automatically. Then you’re all set: choose a task, complete it, and JMPT earnings will be transferred to you. You can exchange the tokens for fiat currency at any time.

How to win at JumpTask?

One way to earn on JumpTask is with their Offerwalls earning type. Here, you complete simple tasks and get paid in JMPT. The list of gigs you can do includes playing new games, trying out new apps, or completing interesting surveys. All gigs require little time and effort, so JumpTask offers a beginner-friendly environment for its users.

Another option to receive payments on the platform is even more accessible and does not require any effort to start earning. That is how. JumpTask’s partner list includes a passive income app, Honeygain. Once you install this app, let it run in the background, share your Internet traffic, and collect JMPT. Essentially, it provides you with passive income simply for running an app on your device.

The following earning method will be familiar to cryptocurrency natives. It’s called staking – using your existing tokens to generate crypto rewards. If you haven’t heard of this before, there’s no need to worry. In a nutshell, staking works like a regular savings account at a bank. When you put money into a bank deposit, it earns interest. With JumpTask, you have JumpTokens to earn extra JMPT.

Overall, JumpTask offers several ways for beginning freelancers to earn. In particular, some people may miss out on more advanced projects that require skills that are popular in traditional ones. free throw platforms However, JumpTask started only this year, so the platform may offer more income opportunities in the future.

How much does JumpTask pay?

It is possible to earn around $50 per month on JumpTask. Some temp workers even earn $100 a month, but you have to complete a few tasks to reach that. In truth, while JumpTask doesn’t give you thousands of dollars to quit your job, it does give you a decent side hustle option. All your earnings depend on how many jobs you do on the platform. Earning potential will grow as more task types are added to the platform.

You can also get JMPT in other ways. For example, you can participate in JumpTask events called Windrops. It is a giveaway where users have the chance to win JumpTokens. These giveaways usually have some entry requirements or tasks to complete. However, it’s nice that JumpTask gives back to its community. You can check out the contests on your social media channels on Twitter or Discord.

Is JumpTask worth it?

All in all, JumpTask is an option that people should try if they are looking to earn some extra money. While the app has some limitations in task offerings, there are clear advantages of flexibility and ease of entry. The platform also actively engages with its community by providing opportunities to earn more. Give JumpTask a try and see if you find your next hustle.

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