Milestone achieved by Tron: 100 million new accounts for Tron

The 100 millionth account was added to the Tron Blockchain, marking a new milestone.

“TRON recently reached 100 million total users.

Our path to mass adoption has just begun! Never lose sight of the fact that there are 7 billion people on earth.”

The fastest growing public broadcaster in the world

Justin Sun, the project’s creator and former CEO, echoed similar views on Twitter, thanking the community for their support and noting that the project’s journey of mainstream acceptance had just begun with 100 million members. He stated:

The team said the same while highlighting Tron as “the world’s fastest growing public chain with 3.4 billion transactions, millions of daily active users, and continuous daily new accounts every day.”

Tron marks its fourth year as an independent blockchain.

The project’s fourth anniversary as an independent chain following its exit from Ethereum on June 25, 2018, falls on the same day as the 100 million milestone.

The DAO team used a 2018 Sun commentary that read “Tron is built on a community of engaged users whose opinions should be heard” to honor the occasion.

Meanwhile, a self-styled cryptocurrency crusader on YouTube is criticizing his stablecoin effort.

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“LUNA’s Next Ponzi Scheme”

Unfortunately, Ponzi schemes and pump and dump fraud have become more prevalent as the digital asset market grows. TRON’s USDD stablecoin, a digital currency launched by its DAO Reserve, is the latest to draw criticism.

In a video titled “LUNA’s Next Ponzi Scheme,” Stephen Findseisen, aka Coffeezilla, questioned the legality of the coin on June 24. The popular video, which had nearly 400,000 views, accused Sun of operating a Ponzi scheme while disguising it as a stablecoin initiative.

Sun promised to spend $2 billion to “fight” them after the collapse of the dollar peg on June 13, and the USDD saw a big drop after that.

The TRON team has not yet responded to Findseisen’s claim. USDD’s value was $0.97 at the time, 3% less than its fixed target of $1. The token price is $0.64 and its market capitalization is $5.98 billion. The 18th-ranked coin in the weekly index has risen more than 7% over the past 24 hours.

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