Monday, June 13 Solution and hint

I must admit that my usual jovial, Wordle guide-writing self is a bit off today.

Yesterday a forest fire started in the forest near my house. The fire has been classified as suspected arson and a suspect is in custody. Sunday was one of the hottest and windiest days in weeks, and it’s terribly dry here in northern Arizona.

Highways and logging roads have been closed in the area and evacuations are continuing (thankfully not in my neighborhood though). It doesn’t look good, although the response to the fire has been swift and there has been a lot of forest thinning and other preventative measures in the area.

The problem is that this forest is so big and so dry and even with thinning and other steps, decades of fire prevention have caused the forest to grow too large. Small fires prevent big fires, but now, especially with the drought, there are no such thing as small fires (only controlled burns).

In any case, that’s where I am right now. I am angry that someone would start a fire like this, either intentionally or through negligence. This is a beautiful burning forest area that I hike regularly. People’s homes are at risk. Wildlife will suffer.

This is also the result of climate change. It has been much hotter than usual and there has been almost no rain and very little snow this winter. It’s all very daunting and scary.

But I keep rambling. Let’s go to today’s Wordle: a happy distraction from this calamity, however brief.

Today’s Word #359 Clue and Answer

Spoilers ahead! You have been warned!

First, a hint: A generous person of means.

And the answer is . . . .

Yeah, I didn’t do very well this time. Claim It left me with a whopping 455 possible solutions, one of the worst I’ve ever had. roles However, I’ve narrowed it down to 12, which was good, although Wordle Bot says I should have guessed. Store instead.

From here, I weighed reduced the total of remaining possibilities to just four, although again Wordle Bot informs me that windy It would have been better. From where I’m sitting, the wind is a big part of the problem, so I won’t be guessing any time soon.

fool really should have been my last guess before getting the solution. Oh good. Wordle Bot says that he should have guessed a possible real solution, but he didn’t know fool wasn’t one It’s a valid guess, but not a possible correct answer.

Neither was my penultimate guess: dobro (a kind of musical instrument). Wordle Bot was impressed with my vocabulary here, but he informed me that this was not a possible answer either. fool left only one possible correct answer and I didn’t get it until the sixth and final guess with donor.

If anyone can donate a bit of rain, we’d love to take it off their hands!

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