OZZY OSBOURNE will undergo surgery today to remove and realign pins in his neck and back

According to page six, Ozzy Osbourne will have surgery today (Monday June 13) to remove and realign the pins in his neck and back.

A family source said page six that there will be a “long convalescence” after the operation, and the legendary heavy metal singer will need a nurse at home.

The source added: “Ozzy he is 73 years old and any type of surgery when you get older is difficult. This is quite important. Pins in his neck and back are being realigned from when he had a fall in 2019.

“He’s been in a lot of pain.”

In the past week, Ozzywife and manager Sharon Osbourne said he is about to undergo a “major operation” that will “determine the rest of his life”.

Sharon announced in the UK “The conversation” on Wednesday (June 8) that she would fly to the United States to be at the side of her husband of 73 years.

She also said that she did not know if she and Ozzy He’s doing something special for his 40th wedding anniversary in July. “[It] depends on everything with Ozzy,” She explained.

Last month, Ozzy confirmed to Classic rock magazine that he was “waiting for one more surgery” on his neck. “I can’t walk properly these days,” she revealed. “I have physical therapy every morning. I’m a little better, but not as good as I want to be to get back on the road.”

When asked if he thinks about mortality, Ozzy he said, “At 73 fucking, I’ve done pretty well. I don’t plan on going anywhere, but my time is going to come.”

As for what else he would like to achieve at age 70, Ozzy said: “A number one Ozzy album. I am also going back to England this year. I have had enough of living here [America] now. My intention was never to stay here.”

In April, Sharon spoke about her husband’s health during an appearance on morgan piers‘s TalkTV to show “Uncensored”. At the time, Sharon declared on the BLACK SATURDAY leader: “Okay. He’s got one more operation left and then he’s dying to go home.”

Ozzy, who revealed two years ago that he was battling Parkinson’s disease, has applied for permission for a “rehab” wing at his historic Grade II-listed home in Buckinghamshire, England. According to the Daily Mail, the extension will feature “a large number of spaces to stop and sit”, “inconspicuous railings and aids” and “soft non-slip surfaces”, as well as a self-contained nursing department. There’s also a “pool house conservatory,” a “garden room,” and a “health and wellness exercise studio.”

Architect lynne walker he wrote on the plans that “it is the ambition that the design creates a transition of flow within the exterior garden spaces, much of which is lit by natural light with bi-fold doors opening views”.

In March, Mirror reported that Ozzy Y Sharon they were leaving Los Angeles and returning to their native UK due to California tax increases.

The musician and his wife will reportedly spend most of their time at their home Welders House.

“We’re leaving Los Angeles,” he said, according to Mirror. “We’re a bit sad. But the tax is going up too much. I’m sad because I really like to stay and live there.”

He added, “If they do better taxes, then I can go back. I don’t know. I’m taking my recording studio. I’m going to build a barn there and do my own studio in Welders. I still will.” be making music and my band will come.

Ozzy Y Sharon He reportedly purchased Welders House from the two-time Academy Award-winning special effects legend. John Stears in 1993. In his 2013 autobiography, “Extreme: My Autobiography”, Sharon he said he bought the house because of its “extreme” distance from any nearby pubs.

In July 2020, Ozzy he said he was still “not 100 percent” after suffering several medical problems, including a fall, neck surgery and hospitalization for the flu. Ozzy he also said he was looking forward to acting again once his health has returned and the coronavirus pandemic has subsided.

last November, Ozzypreviously announced European tour with guests PRIEST OF JUDAS, originally set for 2019 and then rescheduled three times, has been postponed once again. The new dates will now take place in May and June 2023.

Ozzy he initially scrapped his entire 2019 schedule as he recovered from surgery to repair an injury sustained while dealing with a bout of pneumonia. The tour was postponed for the second time after Ozzy continued to deal with health issues following a fall at his Los Angeles home. That fall “compounded years of injuries” from an ATV accident that occurred in 2003. The tour was delayed for a third time in October 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ozzyeuropean tour with PRIEST OF JUDAS The tour will now take place more than four years later than originally planned, and almost five years after tickets first went on sale in September 2018.

In May 2020, Ozzythe son of James he said his father will “probably” retire “within the next five to ten years.” But Ozzywho turned 73 in December, has repeatedly said that he is not giving up, even though his “No More Touring 2” – every time it ends up happening – it bills itself as his last big global trip.

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