Penny to penny: billions for the army: NBU urges the public to take even a single coin to the bank

“Mercy bracelet” – for the army. The National Bank has launched an action where it is possible to give coins to the needs of the Ukrainian armed forces. And those that are in circulation, and those that are no longer accepted in stores.

It is visible – metal money in the pockets of Ukrainians – this is a colossal amount. Even 10 kopecks can be transferred to the bank, and this is also important, says TSN.

Romana’s son, Boris, spent a year and a half depositing coins in the myriam next to the piggy banks. First I collected money in the ocean, then the war started, I left his piggy bank at home, and with my own money I was able to help Ukraine with my mom and dad.– says the little benefactor.

Father Boris thought long and hard before complying with the boy’s request. As soon as the National Bank launched the “Smiliva Hryvnia” campaign, he brought all the collected coins to the bank. One thousand two hundred and eighty-one hryvnias came out.

The NBU promotion started on August 1 and will last until October 31. І hai tse only kopeks, but in wallets, in polichkah ukrainetsiv їх – a gigantic amount. Today’s coins that can be counted are five billion hryvnias– says Lesya Voytitska, head of the Department of Public Relations and Financial Awareness of the NBU.

A coin with a circulation of 500 million hryvnias. І ти и инши – can be transferred to ZSU. The Banco de la Nación website shows how to do it correctly.

Coins of 10 kopecks, 50 kopecks, hryvnias, two, five and ten coins in circulation will be accepted at branches of various designated banks and immediately transferred to the army account.

The same coins that have stopped walking will have a long way to ZSU. 1,2,5 and 25 kopecks – in specific banks, they will take and exchange for real money. And only then can they be zadonatit.

Irina and Maria – brought kilograms of coins. They say – this is human psychology – pennies, as if they were not money, so they hoarded them at home. Yesterday, when he saw the initiative, he understood: this time has come.– says Maria.

The cashiers count the leather bag for 15 minutes, Irini has fifteen hundred hryvnias, and Mary has 731 hryvnias. The money that was coming home will now go to ZSU.

All Ukrainians now want to help in some way, so we give them such an opportunity, each of us can spend at least 10 kopecks to win. І tak_m tak_m мі b_l_є културу хариновности– says the National Bank.

Six-year-old Boris was also happy that he had won the upcoming victory, which for him meant returning home and returning to his homeland. And there will be a dream ocean.

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