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With the 2022 hurricane season underway, ReadyWise, the leader in emergency food supplies, is here to help families prepare ahead of time. According to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, we will see another unusually active hurricane season in 2022 with an estimated six major hurricanes. As we have seen in history, storms can be disruptive to communities. When government resources are under pressure, it can take days, if not weeks, before fresh food is available. If you are in a hurricane-prone region, know the risks in your area and secure food, water, power and an emergency bag. ReadyWise is here to relieve some stress with its sale of hurricane essentials.

“I recommend putting together a basic hurricane kit with food, water, a light source, a phone charger and a first aid kit,” says John Dawson, Fox 26 Houston meteorologist. “ReadyWise partners with organizations like the American Red Cross and has created hurricane-specific products geared toward emergency preparedness with a long shelf life.”

For more information on which products are best suited for hurricane preparedness, follow John Dawson on Fox 26 to view reviews of hurricane-tested equipment. ReadyWise has created a hurricane essentials collection page with food solutions and bags to go. They offer limited time deals while supplies last, like your buy three, get one FREE deal on your 2022 Limited Edition Hurricane Kit Family Pack. Each kit includes three days of food and beverages with 12 lunch/dinner servings, 8 servings of breakfast entrees and 12 servings of milk with a shelf life of up to 25 years. They’ve also created ready-to-use emergency bags with your purchase three, get a FREE survival backpack pack. These are perfect for any evacuation scenario and include 32 total food servings, 5 water bags, a first aid and hygiene kit, and additional supplies such as a portable stove, flashlight, waterproof matches, a mylar blanket, and extra supplies. plus.

In recent years, we’ve seen the role panic buying plays in communities, so don’t wait until a warning is issued and stores are empty and closed. There are great ways to stay up to date, like listening to local weather alerts and using NOAA’s Hurricane Tracker tool. This tracker shows active storms in real time in the Atlantic or Eastern Pacific regions, monitored via satellites. They also offer informative tips for preparing for a hurricane, including creating a family emergency plan, having an evacuation plan, and steps to harden your home.

“Hurricanes are among the most powerful and destructive phenomena in nature,” says NOAA. “By knowing what actions to take before hurricane season begins, when a hurricane is approaching and when the storm is in your area, and what to do after a hurricane leaves your area, you can increase your chances of survival.” has created an online disaster supplies checklist that you can download to make sure you have all the essentials covered. This includes important secured documents, pet care items, a list of phone numbers, first aid items, and special items like those for babies and family members with disabilities. For food, they recommend non-perishable packaged foods, such as ReadyWise’s freeze-dried ready-to-eat meals, in which only water is added. ReadyWise is the only disaster-proof food company that allows you to rehydrate your food even without electricity if you have water, hot or cold. They also have disaster-proof packaging in their go-bag kit. This buy three, get one FREE offer is a two-day meal solution. Each bag contains 60 servings of food in a 10L sealed bag. You can reuse this waterproof bag to store items such as documents and electronic devices in the event of a flood.

To shop and learn more about ReadyWise products, visit To follow John Dawson Fox 26 Houston on social media for up-to-date hurricane news and equipment reviews.

2022 Limited Edition 72 Hour Hurricane Emergency Food Kit

2022 Limited Edition 72 Hour Hurricane Emergency Food Kit

emergency bag pack

emergency bag pack

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