Qonto and Coinhouse join forces to open up crypto to businesses

Qonto, Europe’s leading enterprise finance solution, and Coinhouse, Europe’s leading crypto bank, today announced their partnership to enable SMEs and freelancers to invest in crypto assets.

Thanks to this strategic partnership, the two French fintech players continue to push the boundaries of traditional finance.

A recent study by Gartner recently revealed that a fifth of businesses will be using cryptocurrencies by 2024. With this partnership, Coinhouse and Qonto seek to respond to the new expectations and demands of businesses when it comes to investment. Qonto partners with Coinhouse to open up the world of cryptocurrency to its customers, taking another step towards becoming an all-in-one business finance solution for its customers. Coinhouse, on the other hand, is further strengthening its presence on the corporate side, which already accounts for a third of its trading activity.

Going forward, Qonto and Coinhouse are committed to working together to offer the best business financial support to SMEs and freelancers.

How does it work?
● Coinhouse customers who open a Qonto account will benefit from a special offer*
● Qonto customers will be able to take advantage of the Qonto x Coinhouse Plan for free for one year**
● The complete conditions of the association are detailed here.

Alexandre Prot, Co-Founder and CEO of Qonto: “Making our service the all-in-one business financing solution for SMEs and freelancers is one of Qonto’s top priorities. We are also committed to fully supporting the ever-evolving needs of our customers. We have heard your growing demands around investments in crypto assets. That is why we are very excited to open up the world of cryptocurrencies to them by partnering with Coinhouse, the leading crypto bank in Europe.”

Nicolas Louvet, CEO of Coinhouse: “Qonto is revolutionizing business finance. Coinhouse is revolutionizing crypto investment, management and payments. It is amazing that two leading Fintechs in their field can overcome the difficulties of combining banking and cryptocurrencies to come together and offer the best to their clients.”

* For Coinhouse customers who open a Qonto account: €29 bonus for three months (or €29 refund per month for higher subscriptions).
** For Qonto customers who benefit from Coinhouse: They will benefit from lower fees (2.49% vs. 2.99%) and all Premium content (premium card, brochure, analysis, etc.).

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