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The launch of the Fair token gives its community the same opportunity to participate in lieu of cash up front from private sales or pre-sale.

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Richard Fetyko is the CEO and founder of altFINS, the best crypto trading analytics platform. He spent 14 years on Wall Street in Equity Research at various investment banks.

Now, he brings his financial, analytical, and trading expertise to the crypto asset market. Richard decided to create the platform altFINS.com for the analysis and monitoring of cryptocurrencies.

Get ready to put on your AFINS and swim in the sun!

altFINS is delighted to share this news with the crypto community! AFINS tokens will launch on June 13 with a listing on Traderjoe, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) based on the Avalanche protocol. The token launch opens an exciting chapter in the altFINS journey. Still, it wasn’t all fun swimming over the past six months as altFINS navigated the murky waters of the underbelly of the crypto investment world, speaking to numerous “private investors,” VC platforms, IDOs, and IEOs. Most of them turned out to be just greedy sharks spouting lies and making heinous demands in their quest for easy profits. They sometimes disguised themselves as beautiful mermaids and playful dolphins, but their true intentions were transparent.

launch fair

altFINS initial plans were to sell a portion of the tokens to institutional investors. Still, the company gradually realized that it would not be in the best interest of its user community. It’s just not fair. In discussions, these large investors requested 20-50% presale or private sale discounts, short-term lock-ins, and other protections and benefits. But what value would they bring to the altFINS ecosystem? Of course, members of the altFINS team struggled to justify that.

While most projects that do ICOs, IDOs, or IEOs need capital to develop their products and attract users, altFINS has already done that. For example, the platform launched in August 2020 attracted tens of thousands of active traders and has already raised $2.5 million in seed capital through the sale of shares, not tokens. altFINS continues to improve and expand the platform with one overriding goal: to make users more successful cryptocurrency traders and investors.

No presale, no private sale. Everyone has a fair chance to acquire AFINS and enjoy the benefits that token ownership brings: access to the best trading analytics platform.

By skipping the presale and private sale rounds, altfins treats everyone in the user community equally.

HODL your AFINS and keep swimming

A user does not spend AFINS; KEEP IT! Users can get free access to the altFINS platform if they own enough AFINS. It’s that easy. No payments. No fees. And when someone is ready to retire filthy rich on their altcoin earnings, they can sell AFINS tokens at any time. No crashes or anything. A user will not only save $20-$40-$60 per month in subscription fees, but could also make financial gains on their AFINS property!

100% APY on cost savings

altFINS membership levels (Basic, Essential, Premium) cost $20-$40-$60 per month. While the company will continue to support payments via PayPal, users can now completely avoid subscription fees by using AFINS HODLing tokens. So, if someone HODL 1000 tokens worth $200 (initial price $0.2/token), they will be granted entry level access and save $20 per month or $240 in annual savings! That’s a whopping 100% APY in cost savings on a $200 investment! Also, investment in AFINS tokens could appreciate. As the platform improves and attracts more users, the demand for AFINS will grow. Not to mention all the value someone receives as part of the community and access to the best trading education and analysis platform.

AS THEY SAY ON Wall Street, You have to hate money not to buy it!

altFINS is not interested in raising the token price like many projects do, then dumping their tokens or pulling the rug out. The company is in this for the long haul and is not looking for pure price gougers. Instead, altFINS is looking for users who find value and utility in the platform, who are eager to learn how to build wealth from crypto and blockchain innovation, and who care about contributing to the community.

No speculators, no haters, please. Being part of the AFINS swimming community comes with responsibilities. All cryptocurrency traders and investors are here to learn and help each other achieve specific academic and financial goals. Check your ego at the door. Go in with an open mind. Remember that the altFINS platform is constantly evolving and improving, and there will be bugs and missteps. Give the company constructive feedback. Cheer on and support other swimmers as they battle the crypto waves through all the ups and downs.

If you have an inquisitive mind, altFINS invites you to join and learn with traders and investors in the community.

Get AFINS and give your bathroom a real kick!

Now you can buy AFINS on Paypal or by Credit/Debit card on the altFINS platform!
Or buy AFINS on Trader Joe DEX.

For more information please visit:

Telegram: https://t.me/altfinsofficialchat

AFINS Token FAQ https://altfins.com/knowledge-base/afins-token-faq/

Subscriptions https://platform.altfins.com/subscriptions

AltFINS https://altfins.com/

On highFINS

altFINS is a leading crypto analytics platform used by tens of thousands of traders and investors to find profitable trading ideas. The altFINS project started out of frustration with the lack of high-quality tools for finding trading ideas, creating alerts, executing trading strategies, and monitoring portfolio performance on exchanges. The altFINS team decided to fill that gap. Instead, the company is building a comprehensive yet intuitive platform that enables coin detection and analysis using traditional technical analysis and alternative on-chain data.

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