Rock Co. body found in 1995 identified; name to be released today

JANESVILLE, Wis. (WMTV) – A major update is expected later today as the Rock Co. Sheriff’s Office provides new details about skeletal remains found nearly 27 years ago that remained unidentified until recently. On Monday, the Sheriff’s Office revealed for the first time that, thanks to DNA evidence, investigators are now confident they know who the individual was.

The individual’s identity was not released at the time, and the Sheriff’s Office said more details would be provided during a news conference at 1:30 pm Tuesday. The update will be broadcast live on this story as well as on the NBC15 News Facebook page.

In its original statement, the Sheriff’s Office recounted how deputies were called to the wooded area near Turtle Creek in Bradford Township in November 1995 and how four years ago, investigators turned to the organization that led them to the name of the individual.

In 2018, the Sheriff’s Office approached the DNA Doe Project to see if it could help them identify the body. Sheriff Troy Knudson credited project members for providing valuable information to help them determine who the individual was. The Sheriff’s Office then turned to the University of North Texas for help.

The Rock and Dane County Medical Examiner’s offices provided them with samples for further DNA testing, and on May 25, the sheriff’s office received the results. The Sheriff’s Office did not say Monday whether the remains provided investigators with any information about how the individual died.

john clinton doe

Two years before the Sheriff’s Office contacted the DNA Doe Project, investigators released a pair of images to the public that they hoped would give them clues to identify remains found in 1995. The images represented how they believed the remains were found. would have seen the individual. (in the photo on top)

The Sheriff’s Office said the body of the man, nicknamed John Clinton Doe, was found in November 2015 along Turtle Creek near Waite Road and Highway 140 in Bradford Township. The Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the newly identified individual is the same person.

The images showed a teenage man wearing clothes that represented his body type and how he would have dressed. At the time, the leader of the investigation, Jack Friess, said that the purpose of the images was to jog people’s memories.

“The idea here is to make people think about what was going on in the early ’90s in their lives, and if they have any connection to this guy,” he said in 2016.

NBC15 News will provide an update Tuesday after the Sheriff’s Office releases more information about the remains.

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