Shark’s Wi-Fi robot vacuum with clean base is half price today only

One of Amazon’s latest daily deals knocks off half of a powerful Shark robot vacuum. The Shark AV1010AE Clean-Based Robot Vacuum is down to $300 today alone, which is 50 percent off its going rate and the best price we’ve seen. It shares many features with the Shark machine that made it to our list of the best robotic vacuums, including home mapping, Alexa and Google voice control, and the convenience of a clean base.

Buy the Shark WiFi Robot Vacuum on Amazon – $300

Overall, we’ve been impressed with Shark’s robot vacuums, with affordable and high-end models earning spots in our guides. The AV1010AE is a mid-tier machine that offers enhanced carpet cleaning with multi-surface rotating brushes, suction that’s powerful enough to capture pet hair along with dirt and debris, and row-by-row cleaning. It will also map your home as it cleans so you can then send the machine to specific rooms for more targeted cleaning.

Shark’s robot vacuum connects to WiFi so you can control it through its companion mobile app. Not only can you start and stop cleaning jobs from there, but you can also set schedules for the machine to routinely clean on certain days and times. If the robo-vac starts to run out of juice before it’s finished cleaning, its Recharge and Resume feature will force the machine back to its dock to power on, and once it has enough battery power, it will automatically wake up. where she left it.

And you won’t have to deal with the vacuum every job thanks to the included clean base – you’ll empty your dustbin into the clean base after you’re done cleaning, so you’ll only have to empty the base once every 45 days or so. . We also appreciate that the Shark’s base is bagless, so you’re not forced to buy proprietary garbage bags. The clean base is a big plus of this sale, as it’s pretty rare to find a robot vacuum that comes with one for just $300.

As a mid-tier device, the AV1010AE doesn’t have all the features we tested on the model that became our best robot vacuum guide (RV2502AE). The AV1010AE doesn’t have AI laser vision, so it won’t be as good at avoiding obstacles as other models, and it lacks self-cleaning brushes and PowerFin technology. The latter refers to the flexible silicone fins found on some Shark machines that help penetrate deeper into carpets and pick up more hair. If you’re willing to skip those advanced features, you’ll still get a solid robot vacuum in the Shark AV1010AE without spending too much money.

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