Netflix ‘Love You My Arrogance 2’ Movie Review: It’s All We’ve Seen!

Love You My Arrogance 2 is the newly released Thai movie on Netflix, a sequel to Love You My Arrogance movie. The second part continues the story that the first offers us but with some additional new characters. The main characters remain the same, and their story and emotions also remain the same. Love You … Read more

You are invited to experience Aya Nakamura in the Fortnite Soundwave series!

Aya Nakamura is the next artist in the Fortnite Soundwave series If your song “Copines” doesn’t remind you of paradise, then a performance during the “Paradise” Season just might! The Fortnite Soundwave Series is a series of music shows featuring artists from around the world, and it’s almost time for the final artist … Read more

Netflix Movie Review ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: The Final Alchemy’ – The Alchemy of Boredom

The Fullmetal Alchemist returns for a third and final installment, and it’s every bit as bad as the previous installments. In a perfect scenario, Edward / Ed (Ryôsuke Yamada) would have used the Philosopher’s Stone in the first movie to get his brother Alphonse / Al back. Thus, saving us the hassle of sitting through … Read more

Netflix Movie Review ‘The Perfumier’ – Scent of Love

The concept behind Nils Willbrandt’s The Perfumier is so intriguing that it’s hugely disappointing that the film itself fails to spark a sense of curiosity. The story follows a detective named Sunny who can’t smell anything. At the other end of the spectrum is a perfumer who wants to create a perfume of love. He … Read more

Review of the Netflix series ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’: a greed or a soldier?

Do Bae-man joins as a military prosecutor after he was bribed with a large amount of money. He indirectly worked for the IM company and eliminated his enemies from society. Soon, a new prosecutor joins Cha Woo-in, he joins the army, and the plot begins to unfold. Cha Woo-in is a strong and independent woman … Read more

Review of the Netflix series ‘Partner Track’: from the rainbow to the mud

Ingrid’s character is that of a working woman. She is so dedicated to her professional life that sometimes it wasn’t hard to notice that she felt lonely. Ingrid only wanted one thing, to become a partner. She ran big companies like Sun Corp at Parsons and didn’t shy away from spending extra time on her … Read more

A Kidnapping Scandal: The Florence Cassez Affair Netflix Series Review – Depths of Corruption

A Kidnapping Scandal: The Florance Cassez Affair (2022) is the latest Netflix documentary series to shed light on one of the most controversial cases in Mexican history, evaluating the role of a French woman, Florance Cassez, in the infamous scandal. of kidnapping. in 2006. Rooted in Mexico’s criminal history, the investigation of the case dates … Read more

Netflix ‘Kleo’ Series Review – Settle Old Scores

The series begins in East Berlin in 1987, where Kleo can be heard saying “Always ready”. It was a time when Berlin was divided by a wall into two parts: West and East Berlin. Secret operations were carried out between the two countries, and Kleo was the unofficial agent/assassin for East Berlin. He was sent … Read more

Netflix Movie Review ‘The Assistant’ – Malaysian Fight Club

After being jailed in a scandal he wasn’t even involved in, Zafik seeks revenge against his family’s killers while serving time in prison. His search for the truth accelerates when an unidentified man named Feroz begins to help him. Zafik was a bystander when his family was killed, helpless in his fear as he rotted … Read more

Netflix ‘High Heat’ Series Review: It’s Not How You’d Imagine Firefighters

The latest Mexican series on Netflix is ​​the aftermath of the events of Poncho’s brother’s murder, which leads him to join the firefighters to uncover the truth behind the death of his brother, Daniel. Poncho, who works as an erotic dancer, finds himself in an overwhelming situation when his brother, his only known family, is … Read more