Yes, you can buy a car with crypto: this is how

Whether you think crypto is just a fad or the future of finance, it is a fascinating technology. You probably made your last car purchase with boring old dollars, but maybe your next one will be with a digital currency. If you are wondering if you can buy a car with cryptocurrencies, you are in … Read more

Tesla’s 2022 annual meeting of shareholders begins today. what to see

Tesla calls its 2022 annual meeting of shareholders on August 4. Mario Tama/Getty Images text size Tesla ‘s The huge retail investor base always likes to hear from management and CEO Elon Musk. They have another chance on Thursday. Tesla hosts its 2022 annual shareholder meeting on Thursday, beginning at 5:30 p.m. ET; can be … Read more

How pioneers and other settlers influenced how Utahns speak today

Estimated reading time: 4-5 minutes PROVO: If you see a little grayish, bug-like crustacean crawling around this Pioneer Day weekend and you call it a potato bug, David Eddington says you might have the initial wave of pioneers to give him credit for that. Many parts of the country refer to these as roly-polies, while … Read more