Cryptocurrency Company to Give ‘Millions of Dollars’ as Reward for ‘White Hat Hackers’ After $190 Million Heist

A cryptocurrency theft worth $190 million has forced cryptocurrency “bridge” service Nomad to offer millions of dollars as a reward to anyone who recovers the stolen money, The Washington Post reported. Specifically, Nomad advertises a payout of up to 10% for Nomad Bridge hackers, with Nomad classifying any party that returns at least 90% of … Read more

The world’s largest crypto heist started with a bogus job offer

In March of this year, $620 million in cryptocurrency was stolen from the online game Axie Infinity. While investigative agencies haven’t fully disclosed how this was done, it appears it all started with a bogus job offer. Developed by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis, Axie Infinity is a strategy-based online video game that allows users to … Read more