Hack Solana Wallet: Five Tips to Keep Your Crypto Wallet Secure

crypto wallets based on the Solana blockchain was the latest victim of cryptocurrency theft. The attack affected popular Solana wallets including Phantom, Slope, and TrustWallet. A hot wallet can be operated on mobile and on the web. It allows users to store, send and receive tokens. Solana is a blockchain that works on the Proof … Read more

Treasury Crackdown on Tornado Cash Punishes Honest Crypto Investors

A tornado is seen in a field in D’arcy, Saskatchewan, Canada, on June 15, 2021. Neil Serfas | via Reuters The Treasury Department’s crackdown on Tornado Cash was aimed at stopping criminals. But a large number of ordinary crypto investors with honest intentions are now at risk. “Every American is going to have to be … Read more

Former Watchdog Chairman Sues Binance and Kraken for £10 Billion in First UK Crypto Competition Claim

The former chairman of the Competition and Markets Authority has sued four crypto firms, including Binance, for nearly £10 billion for alleged collusion to delist a major cryptocurrency from its exchanges. Lord David Currie, who chaired the CMA from 2014 to 2018, filed a claim against the crypto giant as well as exchanges Kraken, Bittylicious … Read more

Crypto VC Funding Hits $30.3 Billion Despite Market Downturn

The cryptocurrency sector has raised $30.3 billion in funding in the first half of this fiscal year. The report by the cryptanalysis firm Messari and Dove Metrics revealed this data. This amount will exceed the total funding of $30.2 billion received in 2021 despite the ongoing downturn in the crypto market. The figure was raised … Read more

Cryptocurrency Mixing Service Tornado Cash Blacklisted by Treasury Department

The Tornado Cash website is displayed on the screen of a laptop and smartphone in London, Tuesday, March 15, 2022. lucas macgregor | Mayor Bloomberg | fake images The US Treasury Department sanctioned popular cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash on Monday, banning Americans from using a service the government says “launders the proceeds of cybercrime.” “Despite … Read more

Treasury Sanctions Major Crypto Entity, Saying It Laundered $7 Billion

TThe Treasury Department has sanctioned a major crypto entity used to anonymize transactions, alleging that it has been used to launder more than $7 billion in cryptocurrency, including digital assets stolen by foreign entities. The Treasury Department announced on Monday that it was sanctioning Tornado Cash, a virtual protocol that allows users to send their … Read more

Crypto and the US Government Head for a Decisive Showdown

maybe seeing that sooner or later the law will come for cryptocurrencies, the industry has been rallying behind an effort to pass a new regulatory framework just for cryptocurrencies, one that avoids all the wrath of the hello Test. Companies, including Coinbase, have petitioned the SEC to issue new rules specific to digital currencies. Meanwhile, … Read more

Celsius withdraws motion to rehire CFO for $92,000 a month

Celsius was sued on Thursday by former investment manager Jason Stone as pressure continues to mount on the firm amid a slump in cryptocurrency prices. Stone has alleged, among other things, that Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky (above) “was able to enrich himself considerably.” Piaras Ó Mídheach | Sportsfile for Web Summit | fake images Beleaguered … Read more