“The Holly” Author, Documentary Crew Facing Defamation Lawsuit in Denver

Denver author and filmmaker Julian Rubinstein, who wrote the nonfiction book “The Holly” and directed the documentary based on it, is being sued for libel along with the book’s publisher and the film’s Oscar-winning executive producer, Adam McKay, according to a statement. lawsuit filed in Denver this month. The legal claim first appeared on May … Read more

My favorite Netflix docuseries/documentaries | your campus

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the views of Her Campus. Take your pills- Documentary This documentary addresses the use of Adderall by college students across the country today. Discuss this with current or former students who are prescribed Adderall, as well as those who do … Read more

A Kidnapping Scandal: The Florence Cassez Affair Netflix Series Review – Depths of Corruption

A Kidnapping Scandal: The Florance Cassez Affair (2022) is the latest Netflix documentary series to shed light on one of the most controversial cases in Mexican history, evaluating the role of a French woman, Florance Cassez, in the infamous scandal. of kidnapping. in 2006. Rooted in Mexico’s criminal history, the investigation of the case dates … Read more

NFL Star Catfish: Manti Te’o and the Fake Girlfriend Deception Now on Netflix

A new Netflix documentary once again shines a light on one of the most infamous hoaxes in recent football history: the story of star player Manti Te’o and the catfish girlfriend. Untold: The Bride That Wasn’t delves into the story of the Hawaiian-born Samoan college football star who began an online relationship with a young … Read more

Netflix Documentary Inspires Oklahoma Congressman’s New Bill

A shocking Netflix documentary inspired a new bill by Oklahoma Congresswoman Stephanie Bice. The bill deals with women who were victimized while seeking help to get pregnant. Specifically, unbeknownst to them, the person who helped them get pregnant used someone else’s DNA. Bice said that she was surprised when she saw a documentary called ‘Our … Read more