Kyle Richards shows off his daughters movie night at Encino House

Exclusive to Bravo Insider! Create a free profile to get unlimited access to exclusive videos, giveaways and more! Sign up for free to watch digital originals Kyle Richards’ amazing backyard has a pickleball court and a gift from her ex-husband Exclusive to Bravo Insider! Create a free profile to get unlimited access to exclusive videos, … Read more

Every Rob Zombie Movie, Ranked Worst To Best (Photos)

Say what you want about Rob Zombie, but you can’t pretend he isn’t consistent. As a musician, stage actor, and filmmaker, Zombie has made a lucrative and (mostly) artistically intriguing career due to his boundless affection for schlock. Whether it’s ultra-violent horror flicks, low-budget wrestler adventures, or goofy monster comedies, his love of B-movie is … Read more

Figment Movie In The Works Based On Disney Theme Park Character From ‘Detective Pikachu’ Writers

Figment, the diminutive purple dragon that served as EPCOT’s Pavilion of Imagination mascot and the star of the pavilion’s main attraction is finally getting its own movie, from producers Point Gray and writers Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit, TheWrap confirmed. If you’re not familiar with Figment, he’s a little dragon who guides guests through the … Read more

10 Movies That Use The Breaking Of The Fourth Wall

A good fourth wall break can not only add a lot of fun to a story, but also allow your audience to really get into the heads of their characters. But how do you remove them? Let’s take a look at 10 movies that have used fourth-wall breaks to various effects, from cheeky nods to … Read more

The best quotes from the movie Grease (1978)

Released in 1978 and starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, Fat is one of the most beloved musicals of all time. The film, which follows the story of high school students Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson, is based on the 1971 musical of the same name and is loaded with great songs, terrific performances, and … Read more

Rotten Tomatoes gets its first card game to entertain moviegoers

Movie and TV review site Rotten Tomatoes will release a card game in early 2023 called “Rotten Tomatoes: The Card Game,” a fast-paced party game that challenges moviegoers by having them guess what rating a movie has, too known as the Tomatometer score, which reflects the percentage of positive professional reviews for a film. This … Read more

Local film artist develops film industry in Texarkana

TEXARKANA –Texas native Catt Dahman, writer/director of Ren Says Films, is making her hometown the headquarters of her film operations. Using the resources available in the community and region, Dahman has acquired a network of actors, cinematographers, venues and businesses, artists, and other assets to make his films come to life. “We expect the same … Read more

How “Everything Everywhere, Everything At Once” Gets the ‘Multiverse Movie’ Right

By now, no matter what your profession is (physicist, photographer, professional ping pong player), everyone knows about the multiverse. A long, long time ago, this concept was only spoken by the greatest minds in the fields of science and philosophy. Today, the idea of ​​the multiverse permeates pop culture, that is, in our film tradition … Read more