The Green Tour of the Sisters of the Valley begins today

Merced, Calif., June 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Sisters of the Valley kick off their five-day, six-city road trip starting at noon today. The tour kicks off at Global Greenz in Atwater at noon today and at 5 pm the Sisters will be at Harborside in Oakland. Tomorrow morning at 11 am, the sisters will be at the San Jose Harborside dispensary. In the days that follow, the tour takes the six sisters south to Port Hueneme, then to Los Angeles, and finally to San Diego. On the tour, the sisters will give away hemp seed packets and informational brochures, as well as sell handmade items from their artisan yurt, greeting cards, raffle tickets and books.

In addition to talking about hemp, the Sisters will educate the public on the new science of CBD. The Sisters are in the process of launching a new line of drops and gelcaps called CBD Plus, which encapsulate more of the raw plant medicine that’s good for fighting infection.

The Sisters hope to gather at least a hundred people at each location, where they will give a short speech, lead a sing-along and give away hemp seed packets. Although the events will be held at the dispensaries, with the exception of the Port Hueneme stop, all gatherings will be held outside in the parking lot, as the Sisters do not want age barriers or issues with parents bringing young children. . “This is not an adults-only conversation,” Sister Kate explained. “The health of the planet and people is a concern for everyone, at all ages.”

Friday, June 10 at noon Global Greenz at Atwater, 370 Airpark Rd, Atwater

Friday, June 10the at 5 p.m. Harborside in Oakland, 1864 Embarcadero, Oakland

Saturday, June 11the at 11 a.m. Harborside in San Jose, 1365 North 10the Saint Joseph

Sunday, June 12the at 11 a.m. Higher Purpose Cannabis (HPC), 501 W Channel Islands Blvd, Suite 301, Port Hueneme

Sunday, June 12the at 5 p.m. Traditional, 2222 E Olympic Blvd, in Los Angeles

Monday, June 13the at 4 p.m. Urban Leaf, 1028 Buenos Avenue, San Diego

The Sisters will be giving away free hemp seed packets, postcards, and brochures explaining the science of hemp, the new science of CBD, and one that explains the ingredients and health benefits of their mushroom coffee.

  • The sisters taking a break from shopping in Merced

  • The sisters gathered for a recent moon ceremony


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