TikTok launches limited test of new viewer history display

TikTok has officially launched a limited trial of its new ‘post view history’ optionwhich will allow users to see who among their followers has viewed their TikTok clips, if those viewers opt to allow their activity to be tracked.

TikTok Viewer History

As you can see in this example, shared by a social media expert matthew navarraSome TikTok users are now notified about the option, which only relates to users you follow or who follow you back, providing another measure of insight into your participation in the TikTok community.

The feature was first spotted in testing in January of this year.

Some have expressed surprise at the launch of TikTok as an option, given the potential for it to cause more distress if, for example, people you’d rather avoid continually show up on your viewed lists.

But for one thing, it only engages with people who are already in your TikTok community (so if it’s someone you want to avoid, chances are you’ve already blocked them anyway). While also, TikTok actually used to share similar informationas a means of increasing connections in the app.

TikTok post view history notification

TikTok stopped sending these notifications early last year, amid several investigations into its data-sharing processes (and various High-profile cases of TikTok stalkers). But given that it was once an option, it’s not much of a surprise to see it return, albeit in a different form.

Although the real and practical value of such could be debatable

Maybe there’s something to this for aspiring influencers, to reach out to potential collaborators who’ve checked out their stuff, or maybe it could work for hookups, if that’s what you want to use TikTok for.

But like the same feature on LinkedIn, for the most part, it seems pretty useless. I mean, it’s kind of interesting to know that someone from a company you’d like to work for has reviewed your profile, but if he did and didn’t feel compelled to get in touch, does it really matter?

The value seems even more limited on TikTok, but again, maybe there’s something there in terms of potential business connections and networking with collaborators based on interest.

Either way, I imagine a lot of people will opt in, though it will only lead to more questions about outreach (they might not see my posts) and friendships (they might not even see my videos).

Also, there is still the stalker element, which could lead to more angst and conflict.

TikTok has confirmed that this is in testing, with no plans for a full rollout yet.

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