Today in History June 16, 2022

100 years ago – 1922: In the heart of Delaware County’s verdant rolling hills, fanned by cooling breezes blowing through countless trees and surrounded by every amenity money can conceive, many women and young children will escape the sweltering heat of the city in the home provided for them near Newtown Square, through the generosity of Mrs. Elizabeth William Garrett of Philadelphia. Although the donor of the money that made the building possible is no longer alive, the kind spirit that prompted the donation of 260 acres of land and $1,000,000 for home maintenance seemed to hover over the massive gray stone building yesterday. when more than 500 people saw Garrett-Williamson Lodge for the first time.

75 years ago – 1947: A wave of cold, dry air kept temperatures cool in Delaware County today after a weekend that saw hot, humid weather and a storm Saturday night that caused considerable damage. Fifteen-year-old Ethel Wood was in bed in the second-story bedroom of a home at 401 Printz Ave. when the flat roof of the two-story brick home was lifted and deposited in a neighbor’s yard. Wood and Essington Company firefighter Albert Fox was treated at Taylor Hospital for minor injuries.

50 years ago – 1972: Chester’s school authority and school board approved the high school bond refinancing Thursday night that officials said will save about $2.14 million over 23 years. However, there will be no immediate tax relief as a result of the action. The new bond issue amounts to $29.2 million. The original high school bonds were issued in 1971 for a period of 25 years.

25 years ago – 1997: Police are searching for a suspect in Saturday’s armed robbery at the Frontier II Saloon in Boothwyn. The suspect entered the bar around 4:40 pm Saturday and sold the owner 30 pounds of ice. While in the office, he removed $183 from the desk, $140 of which was recovered by the owner. The thief fled in an old Lincoln Town Car with Delaware plates, a broken windshield and an antenna on the back, striking the owner in the process.

10 years ago – 2012: The US Airways Community Foundation donated $150,000 to Philabundance on Tuesday to help fund a proposed food hub in Chester. The nonprofit organization Philabundance is raising funds to open a nonprofit grocery store in the city, which has been without a full supermarket for more than a decade.

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