Today in History June 24, 2022

100 years ago – 1922: The committee in charge of the three-day celebration of the 25th anniversary of Americus Council No. 242, C. of C., which begins tomorrow, has concluded that the new C. of C. home will be taxed to capacity with members of the order, the Ladies of Americus and friends throughout all the exercises. Tomorrow morning members will report to the council headquarters and proceed to St. Michael’s Church, where Holy Communion will be received at the 9:30 Mass. Following the service, breakfast will be served to communicants in the main auditorium of the K. of C. Building by the Ladies of Americus.

75 years ago – 1947: 1947 is temporarily unavailable from the Times archives. It is expected to return on June 25.

50 years ago – 1972: 1972 is temporarily unavailable from the Times archives. It is expected to return on June 25.

25 years ago – 1997: As preparations are completed for Hong Kong’s transfer to Chinese control on July 1, Congress is expected to vote today on renewing China’s most-favored-nation trade status. “I will vote yes even though I have great concerns with China,” said US Rep. Curt Weldon (R-7). Despite his dissatisfaction with Chinese policies, Weldon said he would support the renewal because not giving China MFN would not improve conditions. ““People think MFN is something special, but there are only six countries that don’t have it,” he said. “Putting China in a category with them is wrong.” The six countries are “rogue nations” like North Korea and Iraq, Weldon said. The first visible sign of the rebirth of the Millbourne district came yesterday morning as a demolition team destroyed the old to make way for the new. A “prototypical” CVS pharmacy is being built on the site of the former Sizzler restaurant, 6500 Market St.

10 years ago – 2012: Rose Valley Council voted unanimously to rezone a 1-acre parcel on Old Mill Lane from residential to institutional, thereby giving the same designation to all land surrounding Old Mill. Known as Marrying Meadow, a wedding venue outdoor space that couples use in connection with their receptions at the Old Mill, the land was formerly part of a 2.5-acre lot with an existing home. By the same margin, the council approved a reverse subdivision to merge four individual parcels into a 3.4-acre parcel. The land, owned by the Rose Valley Folk, includes the Old Mill, its parking lot, Old Mill Lane, and surrounding open space.

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