Today’s Savannah Guthrie Admits She Doesn’t Recognize Herself After Transformational Experience

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Savannah Guthrie she is a changed woman! After months of opening in the today is the show about his difficulties in learning to cook, it seems The star’s cooking skills have come full circle 180.

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The newscaster shared a look at his weekend activities with his followers, and to the surprise of fans and herself, it was about cooking. A friend of hers captured the historic moment, which showed Savannah expertly cooking a meal.

the cheeky post sees her looking like a perfect vision of summer, wearing a floral dress and a wide-brimmed straw hat. She appears in a stunning bright white kitchen, and a variety of herbs, spices and sauces are spread out on the counter.

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The ingredients seem perfectly chopped and prepared, and the cook looks more proud than ever of her new skills with a smile on his face.

Her friend cheekily captioned the photo with, “Savannah cooking!” and the mother of three hilariously responded with: “What happened to me?”

He later revealed that he was making a delicious chimichurri sauce, packed with herbs, garlic, and capers, and surely perfect for topping off whatever they were grilling.

Savannah looks more comfortable than ever in the kitchen

Savannah hasn’t been afraid to be honest when it comes to admitting that her cooking skills haven’t always been the best. She even pushed her to start a new cooking show on This day, Beginning from zero“for people who don’t know how to cook”.

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Although she jokes about her lackluster skills, She has also expressed how much it means to her to be able to cook for her children.

The result of Savannah’s cooking training looks great.

Sharing one of the first clips of her cooking on the show, one fan fondly noted that, “She has said numerous times that her cooking skills are non-existent and it has meant a lot to her to be able to cook for her.” kids and family, and she worked hard to learn, and as basic as these things may seem to some people, it’s not easy. Good for her for challenging herself!”

The host revealed how true the statement isexpressing her appreciation to her chef teacher by writing, “My children (and I) thank you.”

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